Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Progressing of Portfolio

Shorta updated here.
I start progressing for my own portfolio flash website. Since my new blogskin is ready and now move to portfolio website. I need to link them together to get them done. What the left now is draw draw draw draw and design.
How to DRAW? Of course I need to take out my stationery to start sketching!!! The ridiculous thing is I did not know where the hell my stationery was. I did not know where I putted it on the very last time I used them. The funniest thing is I stealing my brother’s black pen and went to examination hall start fighting with my English paper. I am pro right? Salute to me? Lol
By the way, some of my progressions were on going. Selamat Hari Puasa. :D

Just only this one to be shown in here first. (PS: The girl actually not that tall actually but the collages effect makes it.) Others please stay tuned on my portfolio website~

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