Friday, August 10, 2012

Daily Skin Haul

Bonjour femelle~
Today post is to responds to readers who emailed me asked about my makeup haul. I decided to share my daily makeup. My daily makeup was more concentrated my face therefore I never makeup my eye except contact lens and double eyelid tape (depends). I just wore my eye makeup if has any special day or depends on my mood of the day. Such an emotional bitch right? Lol

A very bad face!!! I have three pimples came to visit me and I think next will be my period!! Damn!!! I have a very dull skin, unsmoothing skin texture, heavy blackhead and dry skin. Oh well, really thanks for my college lifestyle. Sleep in the noon and wakeup at night. Completely opposite lifestyle!! If you’re design student, you will understand!! By the way, this is my bare face!! No moisturizer, no sunscreen, and no any chemical on my face except lens and double eyelid tape because after demo I will go for bath. Lol

The product that I used:
1.      Laura Miercer Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20(Nude)
2.      Laura Miercer Mini Fan Powder
3.      Laura Miercer Long Lash Mascara (Non-waterproof)
4.      Laura Miercer Invisible Loose Setting Powder
5.      Laura Miercer Eyelash Curler

Yup!! All products are from Laura Miercer! This is not sponsors but I bought by myself. Before, I was working as a beauty consultant at Dr.Brandt. The company as a proxy has import Laura Miercer to Malaysia. They have import a lot of brands (skincare mostly from U.S.A). When I work at Dr.Brandt kiosk, I always love visit to Laura Miecer kiosk which is just next to Dr.Brandt kiosk. The company are very friendly offers us a free makeup services every opening kiosk, therefore I tried almost all of their products. Lol

Laura Miercer Tinted Moiturizer SPF20. This is not best seller at Laura Miercer but I love the texture of this product and its OIL FREE!!! This is the best oil free products that I have used. Light texture, full coverage, contain SPF20 and hydrated my skin. It’s suitable for all skin types. It’s come to a lot of tone colors and I am using Nude color. 

I apply with my fingertips. I do not like to use foundation brush because I feel like I am painting my skin although it’s does a great coverage ever and using a brush everyday will bothering me alot cause its needs to wash every day. It’s make me one more task to do. Apply evenly and more layer will be needed depends on your skin condition. I applied two layers for my pimples area.

After apply using my finger, then I will take a sponge (change it every week is better or wash it) to blends and press for lasting longer. Some tips here: “Better don’t apply your bb cream or foundation with the sponge because it does absorb most of the product. So you will end up less product on your face.” Feel similar? Lol… Modify from Michelle Phan makeup guru. :D

Do not using sweep method!!! Use press method. WHY? As I mentioned just now, press the product will be more lasting longer not wipe the product away.

After blending, using Laura Miercer Invisible Loose Setting Powder and Mini Fan Powder to finish you look. These two products are travel-kits size. I got it from Dr.Brandt not Laura Miercer because on July, Dr.Brandt launch a new BB cream comes with these two as free gifts. That explain why I have it. I bought it!! Lol

This loose setting powder is white color not skin color. This powder contains unique light-reflecting, micro-refined spherical silica powders that help create a soft-focus appearance, diminishing the look of fine lines and imperfections while visibly smoothing skin.

And now, pickup my mini fan powder and start setting my face.

Remember to sweep below your eye too if you have applied any on there.

Laura Miercer Long Lash Mascara and Eyelash Curler. These two are my favourite. I love the effect of my eye after applied. It’s not too thick, easy to apply and amazing longer effect but this product is non-waterproof. Sorry about that!!! And YAY to me!!! The main reason I bought this is because is non-waterproof. I am tired to remove waterproof mascara especially products are from Japan. Why they are so much stubborn to remove?? Lol

The eyelash curler is totally amazing!! It’s tiny, easy to hold and EASY TO CLIP!!! I bet you will fall in love with it after you try it.  

Clip my eyelash first before apply mascara.

Love this and ignore Shiseido Eyelash Curler. Lol

This eyelash curler easily clip from root of my eyelash and this curler actually not cheap but me too likely so I close my eye when I bought it. Lol

I am going to eat it. Muahahahahha

Apply few coat if you want achieve longer result. I am just applying two coats only.

Can you see the different of my bottom lashes? 

I am done!! My daily basic look. I apply almost every day whenever I ready go to school or hang out except the day I am rushing my assignment rather than wasting time on my face and special events or hang out. Draw your eyebrow if necessary and mine eyebrow pencil also from Laura Miercer too but I am not wearing in this post. #wtf
So, Good Luck guys. Quote by Michelle Phan.


  1. Nice Pics. I am very attractive to see these pics.All items are from Laura Miercer! This is not gives but I purchased by myself. Before, I was operating as a elegance advisor at Dr.Brandt. The organization as a proxies has transfer Laura Miercer to Malaysia.

    Loose Setting Powder

    1. Thanks for compliment and correcting my poor grammar writing. Btw, hope you enjoy with my poor grammar bloggie here. :D