Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Choosing the Right CLEANSER

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too clean when it comes to skin. Overzealous cleansers who figure that if twice a day is good, then more is even better. Gently remind that aging skin needs a gently touch, and overdoing the need to feel "squeaky clean" strips the skin of needed oils and natural protection against the elements. Which means that the deodorant soap you use in the shower or bath is never plain to be applied to the face!

Some of people prefer to use plain old bar soap. However, like the ease of liquid cleansers. If your skin is dry, choose a creamy cleanser that doesn't foam; normal skin can pretty much tolerate anything; and oily skin responds best to foaming gels or liquids. Those with sensitive skin should look for soothing botanical, such as green tea and grapeseed extract.

It's best to clean your face twice a day, but if you're running late in the morning, it's okay6 to skip it. Never go to bed without a through cleansing and removal of all makeup. It can cause breakouts on your skin and irritation in and around your eyes.

Toners aren't a mandatory part of your cleansing regimen, but they're great at restoring the skin's PH balance. Avoid any with astringents, unless you have seriously oily skin, as they'll dehydrate your skin. Best of aging skin are those with AHAs and anti-oxidants.

Sources: 10 minutes, 10 years by Dr.Fredric Brandt


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