Thursday, August 9, 2012


Ohai~ Panda friends!!

It’s a midnight post again!! #wtf  I realize that I love to updated post at midnight. Why har? Can everyone tell me? Oh well…. Seem like no one give a fuck then….. LoL

Having an English exam on this upcoming Saturday and now I really don’t bother it or in other way to describe… “WHO CARES!!!”. English subject only ma… easy job la… but well pre-prepared or still having great fun before the exam makes a big different. I think everyone understand it and we (I just mean who just loves to play and don’t give a fuck, not nerdo or smart-guys) still even not bother it. We just need to pass it and of course, AVERAGE is the best!! Muahahahaha

By the way, I am in a sem-break (semester break) so I have my free time on making a new looks for my bloggie. This time I want challenge myself to boost up my skills. I think some of my friends more concentrated on digital painting and when I open my facebook looking on the newest updated news and saw their artwork, I am start mind+heart unbalancing. Lol This is means I am eating jelly lo~ It’s awesome and incredible but when I want start myself on digital painting training…. my eye start become heavy =.= I do not think myself love digital painting so I just don’t bother it and concentrated on websites!! Yes!! I love pHp developing!! Anyway, this time my newest blogskin will come out with lotsa flash+css+html+javascript. I know its looks complicated but trust me; I will make you amazed… I think… Lol

A photo picture of me and Xiao Shuai. Lol I bet you guys will put the eye on ultraman-sticker. Oooppsss… Never see the private part while I already realize that you guys are so ‘H’ lor… What ‘H’ means? Think yourself!!! Muahahahaha

A photo pictures when I hang out with my bitches. If you’re basketball lover, I bet you guys know what this machine game called. SEE!!! The score that we scored!! Geng bo?? Bet us and show me next time. I am waiting for you!! Lol

Looking at my time and WOW!!! The time of devil in Panorama Activity who loves to come out on that time. Ahaha.
End my post here, Bye!!

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