Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweetest 19’s of me

 Bonjour, mes chiennes belles ♥♥~

Today is will be words post~ No photo of my celebration birthday because too many private so since I need to juice out my brain to solves this problem then why don’t I just ignore it. Lol~
*Actually this picture is one of my newest cover blog header but it’s doesn’t show my personality so I rejected this. Since this picture is useless therefore I use this as my blog post picture. Lol
Happy Birthday to Chency aka Ccy. Yeah!! o(v)o

Oh yeah!! My 19’s birthday~ Happy birthday to me and thanks for everyone wishes and GIFTS!!!

Omo!! This year was truly amazing celebration on my birthday celebration. I appreciated the efforts they putted just only to shocked me ( o ) !!! Oh well they are success~ Damn them!! LoL

Btw, I also appreciated for others who take your time just only celebrating with me meanwhile you guys are really busy enough. I know I know, I such an annoying bitch!! Sry lo!!! Lalalalalala

Besides that, thanks so so much for the gift!!! I get what I want!!! Every gift just a piece of puzzle to complete my lust. Although some was been annoyed by me but I am happy right? My birthday should be the happiest girl on that day right? LoL~ It’s not an excuses!! It’s #fact!! LoL And again, thanks so much for fulfilling what I want!!!

I complete my final assignment presentation on 26th July 2012 and start celebration start from 12am till 29th July 2012 4am. I am totally exhausted but not tired like I burned the midnight for my assignments.

Hey I burn my midnight,
And this is crazy,
But I’m supersubstantial,
So let’s again maybe?? Lol

Oh ya, before I forgot… you guys to told me to make a rank for the gift I received and now I can tell you guys, the most favourite gift that I got was a necklace of my name by @Yukie, @Louis & @Joeann~ I really love it~ So, to who are look forward to, sorry for disappointed you. Muahahahaha~

Oh my lady gaga!!! This post seems like a stupid boring thankful speech. Like I wining some award and thanks him thanks her~ Lol However, although it is lame but I really thanks to everyone to celebrated with me especially my family and not forget, my social websites friends. ^^

Before, I end…. I want to show out the cakes that I captured during my celebrations. I ate more than 15 different cakes within 4 days and I want vomit!!! No cake anymore next time but gift still recievable~ Lol

Au revoir mon cher ~ 


  1. you have to thank shu yee too ~~and happy that you like the present<3

    1. Sry for not mentions her above~
      Of coz, me annnoyed de ma~ LoL