Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pica Speaker

Today’s topic will be scenarios of my recently life by picture. I am too lazy to spread my life out word by word. Honestly, I always lack of word whenever I wanna update my blog. I have no idea how other bloggers able to commit themselves and blog almost every day without fail. *salute

Life is too busy. Busy life with no entertainment equals to boring life. No points!! Therefore, relaxing is a need. My nightlife picture… To who know what is that meaning, you know I know la… To who did not get it… just act know know la… XD

*picture taken from my Instagram. A hairstyle that I did for my friends who going to for photoshooting. The hairstyle that really shows my characteristics inside….

I think I can be a stylish already. Make up was done by me too. Actually be a makeup artist is tiring. 

My assignment needed. My Saturday model, @Amelie. From top to bottom, her style was done by me too. Woo!! Incredible me, Lololololol…

The Monday model, @kaiyee_chang. She’s amazing and sexy. Leng luii, sao mm sao kao arr? XD

Another Monday model, @PiggyxJean. This funny girl gonna married and divorce on the same day. Reason? Lol… because her hubby not Khalil lur… Muahahahhaha…

My favourite between all of them… It’s wow and the most important is… the hairstyle is ROCK!!! Hehehehehe…

Camwhore myself #likeaboss. Oh!!! Don’t you saw what I wrote? Call me boss now!!

While surrounding by busy life, we were actually chilling too… Two gals and one maid… Lol… Did you spot the middle maid? Aww~~ Smart!! Lololololol....

Shooting shooting shooting till exhausted. Who can I blame for? Lol… The #ikanbilis with mushroom head… Ooppsss… I ready to be fail if my lecture read my post.

My shooting pose. Did you spot something pinkish there? Hehehehehe…

Fighting for my life!! Fighting for my grade!! Fighting for my certificate!! What for? Money lor…

Not just only me… Everyone did the same thing too. Life is complicated, right?

A short animation that I did. You will never expect a short animation actually can cause you to death when you are solo by yourself!! *tips: animation must be done by group!! Take note!! Lolol

One of my advertising banners that I did. It’s Chanel!! My favourite brand ever!!

The game that designed by me. Did you know how actually this game plays? Find the different between!!

One of my artwork that I drew in digital form. The most challenging and take time to done one artwork!! But I do really enjoy the progressing other than coding. Whoo!!!

This cute thing came to my house vacation. Her master leaves him… Poor him!! Nola, just kidding… Just take care him for few weeks…

Time for chilling… Eating is very important in my life!! Thai, Korea, Japan, Chinese, Malay, India, Steak which one is your favourite? I love all of them. #JogoyaRestaurant twice a month!!! I am boring already!!

Another nightlife photo picture. You know I know la… and then shiiish… shut up… Lolololol~
Bye bye, sign off!! :D

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