Sunday, July 1, 2012

“Hello July!”

Wow, just like a flash of timeline already July of 2012.
I still feel like on the early of the year… coz it’s still too clear in my mind.
Everything changed in time but I pretty sure one thing never change….

Zombie being now… I am so dry!!!

My eye become darker and eye-bag seem slowly appear.
But one thing I appreciate it is double eyelid seem appears too… Aww~~ Lovely…
You know, single eye are too parallel and small like a line =.=”
No one loves it!!! Erm…. Maybe quarter of them but not on me…
So, I decided having an eyelid surgery on September but I am still n dilemma…
I got a lot of feedback from my friends mostly oppose for this.
Just only very little said, “Go Ahead!! I support you!! You will be the rat and if looks nice then I be the next!!”
Oh well… The true damn chicken friends… loL~
But mostly I won’t coz firstly, I am still a student with no income just being support from my parents so I do not think would allow me to do so. And secondly, I have that money to do the surgery but I grudge using it. I rather spend it to fulfill my materialistic heart than using few thousand bucks just only once time. You know, few thousand bucks can buy lotsa things.

“Time passing BUT life still goes on!!”

One day have 24 hours but I almost awake for 22 hours.
My bed always foreveralone.jpg. Poor my beddie.
Assignment assignment assignment, just hope when I start step my feet in real social life, my work won’t that much. Lololol..

Btw, tieter~~ means goodbye… I end my words here. :D

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