Monday, July 9, 2012

Chalk Chalk Chalk it UP!!

Hi guys… if you are mine instagram friends you should know that I change my profile picture to a very attractive hair. If you haven’t yet, follow me @thechency. :D

Back to topic, actually Malaysia is quiet slow with trends. I pretty sure that quite a lot of peoples did not know what actually hair chalking was? If you are fashionista, just give me a high five!! With basically logic, hair chalking is using a color chalk and then color on hair and that is!!! Oh yeah!! THAT IT!! This is the meaning of hair chalking!! Simple enough!!

Hair chalking is a temporary hair coloring which is suitable for human who want to be fashionista at the same time without dyeing or damaging hair. You know Malaysian’s parents not really like their children being so fashion coz they always think it’s just like ‘mm sam mm sei’ (gangster). They just love us to be a nerd with dim hair color and smart look. =.=” Therefore, hair chalking definitely can fulfill your dream.

In fact you still blur what the effect you can get by chalking and this is one of the effects that you can play with it. #Ombre/Dipdye

 This is ombre or call dip-dye.
I am using 8 colors which are 
cotton pink (038) > light purple (062) > fuchsia pink (022) > red (057) on my left hair and turquoise (029) > light green (039) > baby sky blue (028) > blue (030) on my right hair.

This is the number that I use to chalk my hair. Picture is sponsored by 



I know I know my hair are quiet complicated but its look chio right? I definitely fall in love with this looks and I am finding a saloon which can done this for me. Any suggestion? You can email me or twitter me. :D

By the way, this is some step to chalking your hair. It is simple enough to follow the instruction.

You needed:
  • Hair chalks. (In case you are wondering, this is the page I offer you) 


  •  A small spray bottle filled with water
  • A flat iron or curling iron (optional)
  •  Rubber gloves (optional)
  • An old towel or t-shirt you don't mind getting color on.
I skip some of the needed like water spray, rubber gloves and stylers. I am too lazy to wet my hair one by one because I am not highlight but dip-dyeing it.

Therefore, I bathed which explain I did not need water spray because all we want is make hair wet.

1. Wet your hair by spray the part you want to chalk. (Just did whatever you want to make your hair become wet)

2. Pick a color and start color you hair. You may choose twisted method or just like me… did not twist my hair and straight apply on it. Why? Because I founded that twisted method made hair become messy except you want curl it at the end.
    *If you’re blonde or blonde tips, please DO NOT wet your chalk when you color your hair because adding water to pure pigment creates a real dye. Of course, this is optional. Btw, I am wet my chalk because my hair dark therefore I need to vibrant up the color with water.

The more you color the brighter your hair. For darker hair, I suggested to pick not too light and brighter color.

3.Wait for your hair to air dry. Using the curling or flat iron, go over each colored strand. This sets the colors in your hair, so it will last longer.

I am finish!! Now, wait for air dry till 50% or 100%. I am too anxious to look for final therefore I wait till 50% dry and straight blow it. :D

This is the result after blowing. Comb your hair to let the extra chalk come out.
And NOW!! Pick up your straightener or curler to style your hair.


THAT IT!! Easy right?
Followed the instruction and start rock with your new trend hair!!
I love the colors together and its show gradient effect. I just curl the little front part of my hair and straightening the rest of it. :D

Aww~ So lovely♥♥... Btw, I am looking for a saloon that can do this to me. If you know please do email me or twitter me… 

Now I just know that, my hair are more than 10 colors aldy. #wtf =.=

The left side. Pink with purple. Do you love it?

The right side. Blue with green. Which you prefer?

I actually more prefer blue with green. It’s more attractive. 

These colors actually not really fade out fast like what I expect. If you are blonde, its stay about 2 to 3 days depend how you wash it.

Love them? Want to try too? Click the link below to buy it. This shop sells gyaru stuffs. :D  


This is the video of how to chalk your hair.
That all for this post. Bye~ *sign off


  1. wahhhh . mana you beli hair chalk tu?

    1. @Suhada Sibi, above there have link. U can link in to see the products~ :D