Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 June 2012

Ohai everyone, just a sorta update to my blog.
Since everyone always called me entertain my bloggie so here is it.
I just promise to you guys once I am free I sure will entertain my bloggie s much as possible.
Just only some photo pictures that I took from Instagram.
Oh ya, just in case if you would like to friend with me so this is my social network that I most online :-
Twitter: @thechency /!/theChency
Instagram: @thechency

The latest favourite photo pictures of me. Sorry for low quality images coz I took it from Instagram.
This image are not been edited except filter effect. Love this!!

And this one why I so busy for it.
Still on rushing a simple vector animation. Just stay tuned.

That all. Lazy to bla anymore. Bye bitches. :D

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