Tuesday, March 13, 2012

“Handsome” #Y_U_NOO fugly? LoL

Hey watszuuuuuuupppppppp bitches…

I’m back with my blogging life again? Really? I think so…

Actually I don’t know what I busy for but human mostly busy for useless things…
Huh? Money, Future or Lover?

Just refresh a sorta updated in my life here.
If you catch up my twitter (I’m not a facebook addict) , you will know who was Handsome.

And…… YES.....

A new puppy in my life…
My little daughter and little brother to Pretty. J
Handsome is a Toy Poddle type and he just two months old only.

Handsome the little toy poddle playing in the box. Izzit cute? >o<

I abit kindda upset when Handsome came to my home I am not the first person saw him coz I'm stay overnight at my friend’s house doing assignment. And the next day I back I felt quite surprised when I saw some fury fury stuff on my sofa. I went closer and take a look and Aww♥♥♥ ~~ when I saw him sleep in my sofa.

He stills a little baby so he loves been wrapped like this. Cute~ >o<

Somehow, Pretty was so jealous with Handsome at that time and she don’t even want to bother me when I hold Handsome in my arm pet her.

Pretty want to take attention and love from me so whenever I sat on sofa petting Handsome (because Handsome totally like a cry baby need hugging, loving everytime everywhere) Pretty was just quickly jump up to sofa and put her head on my leg even sometimes she push Handsome away.

Day by day, both of them already know each other quite well so they won’t fight (still fighting sometime), sleep together and play together. 
Just wanna show off how glad they come to my life. :D

While I wrote this entry, they just sleep on my bed beside me and hugging each other. End my blog post for continue rushing my assignment. See ya. J

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