Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Newest layout template in the year

Bonjour~ Welcome to my bloggie. J

Does everyone enjoy Chinese New Year?  Enjoyed or not… I wish everyone go go lucky in this year and of course the end of the world is coming soon too? Really? LoL

If you reached at my blog before you will realize that my whole blog looks is completely change. What do you think about my new blog looks? How do you like it?

I still remember the latest blog looks I changed before was on 20th August 2011.
Compare with previous blogskin, everything are completely different (styles, gadgets, navbar, favicon,header & etc…)
*I accidently delete my old blogskin printscreen so I won’t able to post out my old blog pictures… L

The concept for this blogskin named Grey Modvin. I wanted something more modern and vintage but not lost the girly look rather than pinky girlish looks blogskin.
Other than that, I always do think that PINK is not suitable for me coz I not really like pink a lot. It’s more suitable for juvenile cuties.

I keep my blogskin as simple as possible but not lost to make it unique only for myself.
I have my lotsa drafts layout that I want to use for but the final make disappointed me so much… L

Therefore, I think for meanwhile…..and I asked myself, “Who that guy set that the header must be at the top? Why don’t left or right or maybe bottom of the post content?”

So I made decision try putting my header on right side and the final make me feel so lovely.
I make it changes in period of time automatically so it’s won’t bored by always view the same pictures.
By the way, thanks a lot to @Edwin my besties photographer shooted this gorgeous photo pictures to me.

But there still some of problem I can’t solve…….like……..this…..

When I post a super long post, the border will disappear don’t know to somewhere else.
I still finding solution on it but if anyone here knows the solution, please comment or email to me.
My contacts you can search at @about me (Top left or Click the header right)

Another problem that I found was the comment box.

As you can see, my comment box is beautiful work some more with hover images effects. So any wrongs?
Yes, it’s pretty but I don’t know why the html of this widget will automatically change back to normal comment box after several period of times. Just like this...

I think if I don’t edit the html box again, it’s will work quite perfectly without any problem so mission solved. J

Talks about widgets, if you use Shoutmix as a chat box, I think you already realized that Shoutmix is not free to use anymore.
If you wish to change to other, I suggested trying this, Goggle Comment.
It’s awesome and the main reason is made by Google so we don’t have any worry more when it’s will be close or been charges afterward. Hehe~

I use about 13 hours to finish this blogskin coding. Every widget is definitely made by me so please DO NOT EVER CLAIMS.  
I seem abandon my blog alot so I will try to keep in touch with my bloggie at least few times a week if could.
Okay, done~ Bye bye… J


  1. oh damn..pretty layout..
    omg...can you recommend me some blogskin web o wat ? coz i oso wanted to change my layout too:)

  2. Thanks dear... Nice blogskin maybe u can search in google by typing, 'Blogspot Layout'. There have alot nice templates~
    This layout I made by myself de o~