Monday, December 26, 2011


# Tak Nak #photo contest
As you know it, smoking is totally bad to our health.
#Smoking kills yourself (If you are the one smoking) and our family.
Try imagining; did smoking bought any benefits to you?
1)     Release my stress when I was fretful
2)     Looking cool when people looked at me smoking?
3)     Just wanna try how the smoker feel only~

It’s totally wrong wrong wrong!!

Smoking does not bring us any benefit whether you are the smoker or not.
Firstly, as you saw my photo…. your lungs which are the organ in your chest allow your body take in oxygen in the air and throw out carbon dioxide (unhealthy gas in our body) from your body become from reddish red to black!! IS BLACK COLOUR!!
When your lungs become black colour, your respiratory system will become bad and even worst you might have lung cancer, phthisis, blockage of blood vessels, heart attack, stroke and DEAD!!

Okay fine, if you (smoker) did not care the cons of smoking…
But, please please please think of your dearest!!

Just because of your stupid selfish, you are also murder your dearest too.
They smoke your stupid cigarette as secondhand smoker.
As a secondhand smoker, the risks to get disease are much higher than a smoker. It’s true!!
The smoke that you (smoker) throw out and then been breath into maybe somebody body, it’s definitely injured the respiratory system in their body.

In conclusion, #smoking kills you and your dearest.
Please stop your smoking habit now and say #Tak Nak to yourself and others.
Let’s stop cigarette market before they continue injured the future generation.

Before you leave, there’s good news to you all.
Ministry of Health Malaysia, cooperated with Nuffnang are making a #photo contest.
You just have to submit a photo to here if you want to #duit free.
Capture a creative photo without using cigarette or cigarette boxes as props with theme #TAK NAK.
You may able to win grand prize cash RM1000.

More information:
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