Saturday, December 31, 2011

The sum in 2011

 Honestly, I really hate ‘TIME’. He is actually god to me.

Being handsome for passing his little minutes one per one and never turns his head back to see how many regrets people begging him.

Now, this post will be the last post for 2011 year. BYE BYE, MR.2011.
Just simply to review back what I have done in this 2011 year.

Graduated from High School
I’m graduated from high school. I miss them now a lot. I miss the moment I had awesome gossip chat with friends, slept in the class, being eight-march with my bitchy besties and more…

Holding the M-16 for my life time
I think this will be the first and last time I hold the real gun in my life time. I still remember the moment when I shoot out the first bullet…. It’s so amazing… If there another chance to holding again, I swear I never miss it except for stupid vandalism.

If you are not Malaysian, you will keep wondering why me survived to National Services while it was actually just for male? I don’t know when the Malaysia government was announced that no matter male or female, every teenager who just graduated from high school has to survive National Service but I just know that National Service actually was so fun!!

A step to College Life
Intake Multimedia Design as my subject for my future life job. My life totally change from simple easy life to complicate busied. Why? Almost 6 days in average a week I have to burn the midnight oil but I love what I’m done now~ =)

Driving License
I get my driving license and I hate driving now!! I had to drive to college every weekday even sometime my parents want me to fetch them. =( However, my life step easier now.

I am totally official 18 years old, the year that I really transform to adulthood. I also received the most favourite Birthday present from my friends too. =D

Going for the first Photoshoot
I still remembered someday I get an email invited me to a photoshoot. I was like…….. stunning because I never believe that have a people call human interested going to have a photoshoot session with me? I get experience and I been invited for more… =)

The first Blog Advertising
Thanks Acuvue lens for sponsor me awesome comfortable lens for my 1st blog advertising. I know I do not do a great blog adv but for sure I will improve more. =)

Shooting for a short movie
Yay!! This is U1-production. We shoot not for assignment or what but for a trial-version for our future study soon. I love everyone hardworking on it.

A new PET
I have a new doggie pet. Her name calls Xiao Mei which means pretty, type of Miniature Pinscher. She’s adored, cute, naughty playful and obedient. I love to hug, shower and play with her. But unfortunately, I don’t even have a photo with my Xiao Mei and she has been giving away to my bro friends because of stupid superstition of my father that every businessman believed for. My New Year wish is bringing her back to home. 

Survived to Universal Studio for twice in a year
I went Singapore on March and December. I love Singapore because Singapore had a building call Universal Studio. It’s much fun than Disneyland. I want go for the third time if can with my friends too. =)

Christmas with my friends
Of course, every year Christmas can be celebrated but for sure every Christmas time will be memorable. So, Christmas for this year was memorable to me too. =)

Exam on the last day of 2011
Special thanks to college department for creating this weird exam date for me. I was totally shock when I heard this news. However, I do not hate this exam date because it’s special~

HELLO, MR.2012!!
Are you going to end this world call EARTH soon?
No matter what you want to do, I just have to continue walk my life.
By the way, you make me become one year older.
Tieter~ Piss!! 

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