Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Ohai~ Happy Belated Christmas.
If you followed me on Twitter or Facebook, you will be wished earlier. =D

Okay back to topic, my 2011 Christmas post was celebrated with my high school friends.
I miss them a lot so I called out them and had some alcohol chit chat.

We had Christmas blast in Sunway Giza. Sunway Giza?
Okay, fine….. Not Sunway Giza~ But is beside Sunway Giza, Citta Mall
ChinYee said that the environment of the Western Restaurant is quite nice so we just go there and had a great blast there~


When we arrived, lonely Christmas lovely gas spread the smell everywhere…
Oh my holly Santa Claus, the environment of Gourmandis Restaurant really quite nice but abit peace.
We do feel lonely in there and we do feel been cheat by the restaurant =.=
We called the restaurant for booking place and they said is fully booked but when we go is seemed like…………. peace lonely environment…  
Nvm, we still enjoyed our dinner meal there. =D
My Christmas dinner of the day~
ChinYee ordered a big bowl Tomyam soup without any rice or noodles. Just only soup~ LoL

After that, we decided went for some place more energetic and blast on.
They really wasted my petrol oil coz I keep driving round and round in Citta Mall.
Wai wai~ I know you got read this post. Give back my petrol money~ LoL =D

After round and round, we stop at RushHour Bistro and Pub for some alcohol drinks.   
In the between blast, I back to Damai for fetching Amelie who actually drive herself to join us but she got accident so I drive her there.
*Thanks to me leh~ =D
Before fetching Amelie to join us, I back to home awhile to take my camera memory card.
Oh well, recently I kept forgetting bring out my memory card with my camera. =.=”

Okay, I don’t bla bla bla anymore~ Pica time…

Picture stole from Amelie. Actually just borrow~ Muahahahaha~
Me and Beebii, she looks drunk but she keeps mentioning that she not drunk. =D
Me and Yukie. She my bestie high school. There’s another two one missing. =D
Me and Chinyee, the cute sapo. She skinny and have a big eye like #goldfish~ Trolololololol
Amelie and me, shorty and fatty, Trololololol~ =D
Again with Beebii, the 1st post~ Peace forever~
Getting crazy, she kissed me~ Oh my….. lovely… =D
Peace again, I upset =( *just kidding
Me and Yuki again, acted stupid here. Taadaa~
Me and Amelie, phiwiitt~ Leng luii, sao mm sao kao sin?
Me, ChinYee and Yukie. Rock for the blast~ Wuhoo!!
Me, ChinYee and Beebii. Forever peace for three of us. Boo!!!
ChinYee, Me and Amelie. Three head stuck in a photo. Muahahahaha~
U drink beer? But not on me, I hate beer. I just love camwhoring with beer because it’s look like I’m pro in drinking. Boohoo!! =D

After pubbing, we went to Sunway Giza for the last count down.
We made a wrong decision for not coming to Giza Mall coz it’s so blast~
Beer~ You drink?
Christmas christmas~ I wish you a Merry Christmas~
DJ put the music on and rock your body~
The crowd of human drinking beer~
Hot babe dancing~ Imma hotta hotta

That all for the post~ Byebye =D

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