Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Gift

Wuhoo!! Although I am not Cristian but I do received Christmas gift from my beloved.
Thank you for who sent me Christmas present.
This was the first time I really received Christmas gift.
I smell the air of happiness everywhere~ wee~~ wee~~
I enjoying Christmas!! Wuhoo!! Hope this all will longer continue till the end of my life~ =D

Christmas nail~ Red polka dot~
Two watches from Fossil. I love Fossil brand so much. Thanks mummy and daddy~ =D
A whole set of facial kits from Clinique. From my mummy too. ^3^
Tropicana Life Canvas shoes (discount), Clinique Facial kits, Fossil Watches and Tropicana Wallet (buy for bro one)
Oh my~ My favourite wallet of the month, Leopard print wallet from Dior, from him. =D 
Another favourite bag from dunno where from my beloved her. It’s look match with the wallet. So lovely… Aww~ But abit big~

My 24th Dec 2011, Christmas photo~ Outfit of the day~ I do realize that lotsa people wore the same red checked shirt like me coz its red for Christmas. Wee~
That’s all~ Byebye~ 

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