Sunday, November 6, 2011

04th November 2011

At the last, I have my time to my bloggie.
Hooray!!! I pass up all my assignment already…
I want get a great time relaxing just routine at my bed for this few holidays before I start my new assignments…

I dated out Amelie, Bee and Chia for some chat time on night. So, we went to Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara and hanged out there at Snowflake and Starbucks.

Actually I have something that I wish my friends can do me a favour. I need find someone as my model for my photography subject.
Photography actually not that hard but I hate to spend time for finding locations and weather to get a good photo picture.
Photography not like other assignments only just spending time sitting on my chair facing with table desk to draw or whatever on it but photography needs to be so much patience just only to waiting for the right time for only the one best shot.
And that not the problem, I just hate to go out and drive to somewhere else and spend my hole ass day just for some shot  that actually I can finish my other assignments too.
Be a photographer is not that easy. Sucker life!!!

Our first stop was at Snowflake. Ice snow always is my favourites time every time and everywhere. I love the feeling when the ice was melt in my mouth. Is camwhoring time.
Eating Snowflake On demand. Recommend to try it. Ignore my poor skin in this photo picture. I already have more than 24 hours didn’t sleep. L

Amelie and ChinYee.
Our next stop, Star the Buck coffee lounge.
But before that something horrible happen!!! My car remote can’t work!! Oh my gosh…. I clicked my remote car button like hell and it can’t work. What the fuck!!
Luckily there’s a depot there. I changed my remote battery and it still can’t work. It needs to click near with the car. =.=” Asshole thing!!
I call my mummy and she said not the battery problem but is the sensor problem.
Haiz… I threw my 8 bucks to change my battery. Shitty!!

Stop bla bla bla to my ass car problem. Still the same camwhoring time…
At Star the Buck chatting.


Liana and me.

Another one.

With flash. Using 啊宝色effect. This time can see my lens colour and pattern clearly. I know my eye is not pretty but me likely. 

With Amelie. Non flash. Seem like I wearing black colour lens here.

With flash. Teehee~

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