Monday, October 31, 2011

My nonsense!!

Now my wall clock is pointing 5.30am morning in this Halloween Day.
By the way, Happy Halloween Day. :D
I don’t sleep not because I was partying just now but I was rushing my assignment!!!
My life was so suck now!! Suck with a ton of ass assignments….
I think my buddies all was just back from Octoberfest Halloween Party Blast just now.
Arghhh!!! Hate you, stupid assignment!!

Actually I have nothing to blog here but I do feel wanna blogging right now.
Erm…. What should I say now?
Events? I lazy to type too much of words now…
Family? Just like usual… In a warm happiness family…
Friends? Didn’t hang out at all… WTF!! I going to be stupid nerdo now…
Feelings? Erm… My heart is sucking stone right now… Freezee…
Gossips? I have no target to say now…
Bla bla bla? Oh ya!!! I want talking nonsense!!

Recently, I think my driving skill is improved much…
I have a little blue car called Myvi.
It is made from Perodua Factory, Malaysia.
Is one of the hottest pick in Malaysia.
Is a small and noisy car…?
He not drinking much of petrol but I hate him drop his petrol status when I drive him somewhere else…
I am comfortable with him between the entire cars of family.
Wanna I fetch you for shopping? Or for a date?

Come and date me, sweety.
Of course de, when I am free without my stupid ass assignments work.
P/S: My car is a boy and he is horny. He just allows girls sit on his leg. No boys are allowing except I say “yes”. Muahahaha…

Bye bye, October and Welcome November.

I know there will be more ass assignments waiting for me on November. WTF!!

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