Monday, October 10, 2011


             Just finish my dinner at D’Fortune Western Cuisine & Café at Bandar Manjalara, Kepong, KL. Recommending going there and having a taste there if you haven’t try before. It’s nice and delicious especially their special pasta. If you have a chance to Bandar Manjalara, give yourself a try at there. :D

At StarBuck, Genting for tea time while preparing for my English presentation tomorrow.
My single eyelid eye.
At starbuck craps.
My brothers was playing his Iphone
My little brother was watching Crayon Sin Chan. Lol
My topic for my presentation tomorrow is plastic surgery.
I hope my presentation can score ideal marks.
I wonder what do everyone thought about plastic surgery?
For my opinion, I just feel that just only a brave step to a perfect outlook.
I don’t think there full of fake outlook just like other critiques.
So what if the girl/boy had did their plastic surgery?
It doesn’t bother your life so why some of them keep critics them?
If you ask me did I ever think of plastic surgery before?
And I can answer straightly, 
Yes!! I have!! If I have given a chance and the brave of facing hurt, I sure will do it.
So, how about you? Who knows? Ask yourself…

Stop this topic, is really boring in my little bloggie.
I hate my hair grow so fast!!
I just had a perfect new hair color every time within one and half weeks golden time only.
It seem my stupid black root hair scared been abandoned so they come back as soon as possible to visit me back. =.= *wtf
I’m the girl who did not suitable with any color hair and just only with black!!

I hate when The Sims Social always block me to play randomly.
Fuck you, stupid The Sims Social!!
You make me feel so boring when you block me and when I getting busied you stupid shit become normal back.
Better back for The Sims 3.
You are boring social!!

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