Sunday, October 9, 2011

08/10/2011, Moody

            Now, I blogging at Aristo & Roof Garden, Zouk Club KL. Can you image that I actually only drink a blue color cocktail and rushing my assignment now? I can’t even have a break although I was hanging out with my friends now. WTF!! Life really busy, what for? Lol~ For further money lor~

I think I have already a year not going to clubs and I am at a club now but with rushing my assignment while looking for my new idea. 
No else, a designer needs a lot of ideas come with.

It’s such a rainy day today and my mood also same with the weather too.
Truly to said that, I hate everything now!!
I felt that suddenly everything actually not that I always expect with!!
Maybe my mind is too free to thinks such stupid things?
Maybe my menstrual is coming soon so make my hormones upside down now?
Or maybe everything happened is really makes me realize?
I don’t even smile today although I got an email said that I been sponsored by Acuvue Lens for free and told me that write an advertisement about it in my bloggie.
I hope I can smile and laugh everyday like my sapo friends.    :D → :(
Can everybody teach me how to throw away my stupid negative thinking?
I think I need a good rest now but I can’t coz still have tons of assignments waiting for me to complete.
Why life is always complicated?
Fuck you!! Stupid complicated life!!

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