Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Semester Break Start

Surprise huh? This is the first time I post out my 100% original picture.
NO make-up, no-ps, and No Contact Lens at all...
Yup, u right!! I single eyelid!! My eye is small and my nose is not tall...
By the way, I love the light in this picture.
Teehee... Biong!

                Wuhoo!! Start my semester break holiday… My examination also ends today. Hope I can pass all T^T. In this examination I really didn’t put a lot effort in plus my brain is not that good also. So, please god… blesses me!! I don’t want resist my exam paper. By the way, my events start from now. Yeah with me!! Yeah!! Eat, play, and sleep always be the most enjoyable in the life. Agree?

            Okay, today I gonna blogging at @Old Town White Coffee, Aman Puri. I love tea time no matter evening or night but to me I more prefer night because I love the weather and the condition at night. Evening is duper hot and I gonna melting even in an air-cond room. Lol… Drinking a cold chocolate drink which contents high fat and calories. Who cares? The fatty who blogging now is not cares at all… LoL Meet @Kah Hoe Lee at the same place now… Wow!! How nice!! But I am drinking with my parents so piss off!! Muahahaha…. I think I should go for medical check... LoL

I will update my momento back in this semester break holidays upcoming soon. There’s a lot of posts that I want to share in my bloggie especially about my 18th pok pok chui birthday. Turn off my computer right now after I update this post. Masking my ugly face and preparing my gathering tomorrow with my buddies. Oh ya, there’s some interesting things will be shares out to all lovely girl on upcoming bloggie post soon. Time to say to good bye le. Biong! ^^ 

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