Monday, June 20, 2011

Tons of Assignments with FATTY Chency!!

Previously me!! Did you see it? Now!! WTF!! I’m super fat now~ Fatty Chency!! I scared to show out my pictures now~ T.T”

Lolz…  I’m so so busy about my assignments... It’s just like never finish… Wanna starts scream!! Help me… Anybody please help me… Complain again to my baby bloggie♥ and my readers. (My mouth become n shape) Why the homework never end? Like @Yukie said, “Who made the rule of homework-ing?” Loz… Dammit agree… I hate homework!! These all things really faint me… Gosh gosh!!

WTF!! WTF!! WTF!! I am so fat now~~ Gosh!! Is dammit gosh!! I hate myself now… I really need diet… No more junk foods, no more rubbish things anymore!! I hope so… Now, I can’t wear my clothes anymore!! It was so suck!! All my pretty clothes were not fit to me more…
My stomach like 3 months pregnant!! Can’t you imagine it? Before, I don’t have at all… I wore a fit dress, it’s doesn’t show my stomach… But now!! Gosh!! Like a fatty pregnant girl wear those disgusting clothes… Big butt, big arm, and big leg, everything big big big~ Extra-large now~ My lower clothes mostly can’t fit in anymore… Before is medium size or free size but now I thinking I can’t fit in anymore… I don’t have brave to try it all~~ Dammit WTF! Should I thanks to my SPM graduated holidays for gain me up? Sorry, not at all…
I think my BMI is over-weighting now… T.T I should work hard for diet now, so begging to myself please no more gained weight anymore… Not more please… I can’t face anymore…

Gileum to myself for assignments and diet-ing… Gileum gileum gambateh~ T.T”

My assignments~ Rushing rushing every night~ Sleep less than 3 hours majority a day~ T.T Help!!

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