Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Daddy Day 2011

Of coz, this is previous me~ Erm… Actually before I not the good student~ Lolzz… I didn’t take photo on daddy day~ Unfortunately, I didn’t take with my daddy also~ T.T
Firstly, said to my daddy…. Daddy, daddy Hapee Daddy Daee.. Salangheayo ^3^ Not miss out greet for all daddy in the world too… ^^

18th June 2011, Saturday  Actually when for One Utama Shopping Centre for choosing for my daddy celebration gift. But… =.=” Nothing to bought … I really don’t know my daddy need what kind of things? Shopping around there almost 2 hours still can’t get any idea… Failure daughter!! T.T Ate my lunch at Tang Sifu. This concept of restaurant is healthy served with Chinese medicine soup. Actually is yummy but I not really prefer soup so it’s just okay for me. Mummy ate a ramen wine soup made her felt so hot. Haha... Mummy was drunk… I ate a ramen soup with abalone and scallop. Wow!! Feel yummier rite? Lolz… Muahhahaa… After lunch time, of course!! 
Is dessert time!! I love dessert time so much. Ate my dessert at Tutti Frutti, this is a yogurt ice-cream is 0% fat… Love it… I love ice-cream muchie muchie… ^^
A whole day, I bought nothing for my daddy but I bought a backpack bag from Body Gloves for myself. Haha… Felt sorry to daddy but my backpack is certain bought because my Puma backpack is byebye alrdy~ T.T Went for steamboat dinner at Kepong… Kepong is a steamboat place… If you love steamboat, you should go Kepong or Menjalara… Teehee… I love spicy~~ The steamboat that I was ate was super spicy… Sad for my face because the bean come visit me… NO!!! T.T WTF

19th June 2011, Sunday – I supposed accompanied my mummy to pasar but I didn’t because I was rushed my assignments until 4 or 5 o’clock early morning. Mummy knew that I can’t woke up anymore so she gave up called me. Woke up and continued rushed my assignments… WTF!! The result was came out was dammit dammit dissatisfied!! I can’t accept at all so I think I will redo~~ No way have this stupid ugly assignment destroyed everything... No way at all!! WTF
Went for Look Out Point, Genting Klang, Ampang for chopping chopping for celebrated daddy day… I love steak so much… I love the environment with soft music in western restaurant… I the girl who love romantic… And I believe most of the girl loves it too… But I hate biatch use romantic to cheat girls… Treated my daddy for dinner… Can believe it? I celebrated in VIP room... Lolz… A big window with Kuala Lumpur beautiful night landscape… How nice…. Drank grape champagne but not in alchohol… After celebrated… lolz… back to home continued rushed my assignments… Lolz.. WTF I need scream alrdy~ >.<

Look Out Poing Restaurant and Panaroma Café~ A very suitable place for couple~ Nice environment~ Side name: Little Genting

The view from the restaurant~ Dammit nice~

Lolz~ We are in the VIP room~ Nobody inside here~ Just here~ Special~ ^^

My little brother, Kelvin~ I just snap him only all the night coz he sat in front of me~

Grape champagne and Greenapple Champagne for me and my little brother~ If this restaurant use the more nicer glass~ I sure will love it more~ Lolz~ 

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