Tuesday, June 14, 2011

14th June 2011

Hello? Wake up-ing m blog~ I think my blog was on hibernation. Sorry to my baby bloggie♥, fellow friends and readers. I was so much busy rushed my assignment. No time for hang out with buddies, no time accompanied my little brother for his birthday, no more time even watching television. Wuhuuu~~ Crying to myself again… Yukie and Mey called me for yamcha but I rejected them because of my stupid assignments... *WTF

Previously, my weekend is my hang-out and family day. But now, my Saturday and Sunday is my rushing assignments day. Rushing, rushing, rushing will make me become nut once day. Why I can’t do my work easily like my class rep, Bryan? Damn jealous with his ability and skills. He’s my role model now. (He should proud of it. Lol. XD)

Other good news? Or bad? I become Orientation Odyssey crew. Should I proud of it? Not actually… Orientation Odyssey is not fun as Talent Time Night. But, luckily I got Talent Time ticket.
Oh ya, I bought Wacom Paint Tablet yesterday. Thanks daddy and mummy bought it for me. I’m really excited when I grab it. This course actually cost me a lot. I should work hard on my business more. I need a fixable timetable. I should find my senior arrange time table with me. :D Cheer up myself.   

14th June 2011, today I’m the earliest person on lecture class. Still felt sleepy. =o= Slept for a while for reseal my stamina. Suddenly, a makcik scream for the snake when she cleans the lecture. She awaked me. Thanks for her coz made me so energetic when I saw the snake. The snake quite cute and harmless. Is a good experience but don’t too excited until get bite from the snake if your lecture or somewhere else also have it. Cheers. :D

My art work. Transform to Nature. :D

My new Wacom Paint Tablet. Say hii to my new member~ :D

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