Saturday, June 4, 2011

04th June 2011

Chency!!! Why you at here???!!!! Lolz~ Why I still have time to blogging now… I had 6 assignments to rush now… I should rush now. But, lazy lolz~ Bored for just rushing rushing only lolz…

By the way, Welcome June~ XD

Yesterday hang out with my friends, they looked surprised to me! Lolz,Why?
They said, “Chency, you look damn different now! OMG!”.
I asked, “(Weird expression) What different? More leng luii already leh *Kidding voice”.
Haha, Narcissism. You give me feel so guai (good) and change a lot”.
Of course!  I’m Chency what…. Haha, btw change from where?”
Your dressing, your manner of speaking, your attitude, your everything I think. Can’t explain.”
Yup, you not the first and the last one who’s commented to me like that. I also realized that to myself”.
More comfortable with you now. Damn talkative but not eight-march.”
WTF, then you mean that you not comfortable with me before right?”
Ooppsss…. You know what I mean already…..”
You such bitch. Haha……”
You biatch too what… Haha…”
What the…..” continued laughing…

Yup, I changed a lot now. I didn’t have nightlife now. No more clubbing, no more alcohols, no unhealthier suck things anymore until now… Soon, maybe not anymore haha… Thinking more positive now… Ooopsss… That mean I always thinking negative…. *WTF This all changed was from I’m back from National Service. N.S changed me a lot. Should I thank to N.S? Haha…

Oh gosh!! I want diet now~~ Damn fat and chubby… I hate my chubby face, hate my fxck fat body, leg and arm… Any formula for diet? I want become slim slim and photogenic… I want so much… >.<
I’m Chuckei fan now!! She was so gorgeous and pretty… Not hypocrisy and friendly to all people. Love her so much. One of her blog surprised me… She was a fatty when she was on secondary school… OMG!! Damn jealous to her… She looked like an angel now... She was my role model now… Lolz…

I knew a friend at my college, named Chen Winnie. Her surname, favorites, characteristic, hates and background was just same with me… Lolz… She a copycat… :D This is our famous word now because everything that I liked was just 100% same with her… I called her Xiao Zha Bo and she called me Xiao Cha Kung… We stick each other every day…  And I was so comfortable with her… :D

Attended Gym Co-Curricular damn tired me~~ I hope I can quit from there but I can’t... T.T  I more willing pay money to gym-ing lolz~~ My leg will always hard and pain after from gym co-cur~ Too active actually not a good thing also… Say stupid to like to play characteristic~ Lolz~ *WTF haha… I’m just trying to fit in.. :D

My little brother birthday was coming soon on next Wednesday. What should I buy him as his birthday gift… Or just him a kiss? ^3< Haha~ Suffering… but will celebrate with him… He such biatch for me lolz... haha~~

Said Gambateh to myself!! Need to rush my assignment now… Skip my sleeping time tonight~ T.T

I miss graduation ceremony so badly~ I want attend again if I got chance~ ^^

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