Saturday, May 7, 2011

My First Rest Day of My College Life

I’m not updated my bloggie last night because I damn tired about yesterday. I lost in campus!! Damn gosh!! How shame was it!! I using 20 minutes to find my class and the distance from one building to one building was damn far!! I wish I could have a skater in college. At the last, I’m late to class. Sorry for the second late. Feel shame to myself. After lecture, a senior call I go for audition of talent time night.
Oh gosh! I have no talent at all. What talent should I show? But I really want the talent time night ticket so much. I stand beside the audition room keep asking myself, “Should I go for audition? But, I really shame to show off.” I didn’t have brave to show off in front of strangers but I brave to play every danger game. This is my stupid barriers. I stand there about 45 minutes at there. But it’s worth because I know three lengzaii seniors at there. Never mind,  try other way to get the ticket.

Yahoo!! Today is my rest day. The first rest day in my college life. Sleeping till twelve o’clock today. Be a super piggy at home. Online-ing, chatting and watching movie. Have a really great time at home.  Actually nothing to write about my rest day. Just wanna to share my feeling out only. Tomorrow have a great morning breakfast with my sweet darlings and brings my mummy to One Utama Shopping Centre buy her anything that she like as mother’s day gift. Of course some fees of shopping will be pay by mummy la… Hehe~ Night~ ^^

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