Sunday, May 22, 2011

Evil May 2011

Huhuk!! I started cried because I wanna bankrupt already!  In this evil May, I already spent a lot of money! Sad sad T.T But in the same time, I happy because this was the first time I brought whatever I want without thinking any money problems. Thanks a lot for my parents, buddies and my hubby who sponsored to this SILLY FAT girl. Love you all a lot~ Muackz

I spent a lot of money especially brought my items for my subjects and software. Beside than that, I also spent a lot in my dressing because I had no more clothes to wear. Thanks mummy and hubby also brought me new clothes.

Today, hang out with my family without my daddy coz him overseas now. I can’t imagine that today I spend over RM2000 just for shopping today. I need hospital to live in now! Oh my god! This really surprises me when recording my pocket money in my notebook. Oh gosh gosh Gosh!! I want faint!! Never wake up anymore!!

I just brought 2 dresses, 5 t-shirts, 2 polo-tees, 4 jeans, 5 pants, The Face Shop skin care products, 3 pair Dolly Wink eyelashes, In2It mascara, eyeliners(black and brown), Clarins BB-cream, Baush & Lomb lens saline solution, 2 new bags, 2 new pair of shoes, 2 bottles Elianto nail polish, and 6 bottles of O.P.I nail polish. That all!! Is that too over?  I think not maybe….. Oh gosh!! Just ignore it. By the way, thanks lovely mummy sponsor all this for me. These damns shock me when mummy gives this all bills to me and see. I such a not dutiful daughter!! Please FORGIVE me!! >.<

Another news wanna share, today I damn moody when the stylish cut 25cm long to my super duber lovely hair. I damn regret when watched him just cut it like that~ WTF. My lovely hair just becomes short at that moment time. >.< SAD!! WTF.
Think will change my hair color and new style soon. Find some buddy accompany me to saloon.
Tieter~ Bye~

My lovey long hair just short 25cm long like that~ 
I want back my long hair until to my waist~