Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Thanks all to my followers for follow me on twitter and facebook. Today I reach 500 followers on Twitter and 1000 friends in Facebook Page. Maybe you think this was nothing but to me, it’s really meaningful~ Especially my twitter! Tq tq~

Follow me on Twitter if you like to do so~ ^.^

Like my page and chat with me there~ Waiting for you~ ^.^

Wuhoo!! I be the one of the crew in Orientation Odyssey Night but unfortunately I can’t be the crew of Talent Time Night~ Nevermind, O.O.N have a lot of handsome and pretty there. Will looking forward to. ^^ By the way, thanks @Chen Winnie bring me in. ^^

Start busy with a lot of assignments~ Oh gosh!! Still blur in college~ Still strange with classmates there~ Still stupid with social life there~ But I kind of person enjoying my life now~  Haha~ Weirdo me!! Other, I hope I can get my driving lesson as soon as possible… I want drive so much!! I really bothersome when I need g for a place~ Thanks family and buddies who I always bother in~ Paishe paishe :D

Continuing my assignments now, Good Night and Tieter~ ^^

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