Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The 2nd Day of My College Life

Today is the second day of my college life. My classroom at block AKDBD and I late 10 minutes to there because of car jammed. When I step my foot into the class, my heartbreak damn fast. Feel nervous and no idea where should I sit? Oh gosh! I hate this feeling. Our senior help us to pick course rep, assistant and treaser. After that, Miss Teng Sook Hooi give us some detail and examples of portfolio as a detail.  

Today I know just two new friends only who sit beside me. (^) No else, I really too shame standing up go to know other peoples. Feel really strange here. I hope I can be more brave and kick away my shame! Class is end up about 12.30am. Having some lunch with my two new friends. Eat nasi lemak with a ayam goring and a twister orange juice as my lunch.

After having lunch, go to sport complex choosing my co-curricular course and meet See Siong (my high school ex-classmate). We just walk around and around in sports complex because we have no idea chooses any co-curricular as our sub course. At the last, I choose Photography Society, Mass Communication Society and Dancing Society. Dancing Society really made me so worry whether I choose it right or wrong. I’m not a dancer and my body so super-dummy fat! I worry I will been laugh when the meeting of Dancing Society. I just want to know more peoples and learn little bit about dancing only. Please god, please let me feel so happy with this all society that I join in.

Other than that, should I take apart in Talent Time Show? Today, seniors call me to join in but I didn’t have talent to show out. Did I have talent? Is that call talent? I had no idea what talent in myself. Huh! Just forget about it. Tomorrow class will be start at 10.00m morning. Hope I can know more friends in my course. >.< Night.  

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