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9th & 10th March 2011 – Wirajaya is an activity that we needed to stayed at jungle for one day one night. Before, our coach teach us how to use compass, cooking and medical. Then, we given a jungle tracking bag with a water bottle, camp and a frying pan.  We needed to lined-up a 4.30am morning so we needed to wake up at 3.00am morning. It really early and my eye still felt heavy. Everybody woke-up wearing full uniform and make last confirmation for their things.

            We started jungle tracking at 7.30am morning. In the jungle, we needed to keep silent and not to screaming and pickling anything at jungle. Beside than that, we need to get down when heard sound ‘Bom’ no matter where we are. I’m done great cooperation with my partner, Winnie and Jocelyn Lee and also whole team members. After we done our mission, we get out from jungle and started build camp.

            We just  given two knife, some planks and some rafts to build the camps. We need build eight camps, a logistic, a toilet, fence and a mini kitchen. Oh my god! We just only girls how we going to done this all!! Yup, we really done this all using by ourselves strengths. Really amazing when we done this all didn’t lose than boys. But the problem was our camp didn’t stable and easy to collapsed.  We keep hard to build our camps and we enjoyed every process at the moment.

            At night, we need to keep staring to our camp because coach always tried to steal our things in logistic. We played game till 1.30 am and needed to stare at coach. Damn tired and we made a duty schedule to everybody. That night, wind was blow so strong made few of camps fall down. That night was a cold and windy night. I’m just slept 45 minutes only and I  can’t slept anymore. I hated that I’m a pursuit of perfection person. This made me start build my team’s camp again started at 2.30am till 8.30 am morning. My friends all shock when watching I’m done all camp by myself while they was slept like holly shit pig! You know my hand didn’t rest from 2.00am to 8.00am non-stop! Everybody slept and just only me woke up and build the camp even the warden should be on duty also slept like shit! Both of my hands damn pain and shaken seriously even I wanted to take light items also can’t! Can you imagine how was the pain and hurts on me. But it was worth when our team get the highest marks for this section. At the last, my pain and hurts was worth.

I really love this picture so much♥~ We all landing to the grass facing to sky. That feeling was amazing and we had chit-chat together. In this picture has Me, Winnie, Jocelynn Lee, Jocelyn, Charlie, Siaw Wai, BoE, Ribena, Yee, Jia Wei, Catherine, Kyra.
We give yeah!!... to camera~ ^^
Captured by: Jocelyn

This was the jungle tracking bag with a water bottle, a frying pan and a camp.
The patten was same with PLKN uniform.

Guess who is this holly shit? Lolz~ That's me~ Hehe~ I took the camp to played~ ^^

This had a little bit unfair. Coach was using ready-go camp but we needed to build our camp by ourselves. Not Fair!! Wakaka~~

This was our camp. Is resting time, everybody was eating while we still building.  

This was boys camp. Their camp really wow and have many patterns. I hoped our girls camp also but we don't had enough strength. Gave up!

Our logistic! The most stable and didn't fall down at all... Our logistic really small dispersed.

Our little kitchen~ We needed to fired up when night~

Gave attention to the two bamboo~ Ya! That right! That was our main gate. A little funny right. Haha~~

Jocelynn Lee, my dorm-mate

Jocelynn, she lived beside my dorm.


Jocelynn Lee and teacher.

Me and teacher. Teacher really love me and we just like good friends. Sometimes teacher will brought many foods to me and my dorm-mate and we have chit-chat together and even also we sept together before. ^^

Jocelynn was tired, she land to the floor and slept. Very posing slept.

We captured with sleeping beauty, Jocelynn. Wakakaka~~

There was another sleeping girl too, Charlie. We captured with this sleeping too~

This was other from company, Delta. They also my friends too... 

This was from company Alpha. Our most strong enemy but we still good friend each other.
Camp was fall down. We need to stable back again.

Jocelynn Lee and Siaw Wai.

Jie Kai and Jocelynn.

Our camp, company Bravo. Clap clap~~ ^^

Sky was started dark.

Charlie, Winnie, Siaw Wai, Apple and Jocelynn Lee.

Oh my god! Who that ghost joined in them? Haha~ That me... The red hair ghost, Angmo Gaga~ ^^

Everybody said Yeah!!

Jocelynn Lee and Xin Yu.

Jocelynn and Xin Yu.

Our big group photo~

We started crazy and high~~ Wakakaka~~

Already night, we needed to fired-up the fire.

This was the photo taken by midnight about 1.30 am after back from playing game.

It was a tired night but I'm really enjoyed the process.

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