Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Day in National Service

I been choosing to Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (National Service)
The place I went was Kem Bina Semangat, Kuala Kubu Bharu

04th January 2011, gather at Stadium Majlis Pembandaran Petaling Jaya
Took my luggage already waiting at there about 8.45am morning
Waiting for my friends, Lei Ying who same kem with me
Bus started the engine about 9.15am
My feeling really upside down at that moment

Reached at there about 11.45am noon
Get RM10 from government for spending in Kem
Lined up for checked up luggage and registered 
I’m the one who is the most special because of my hair color was gold brown                                                                                                                           
My hair color is the brightest in the Kem
When luggage checking, my blowpipe being confiscated by jurulatih at there
Reason ? Because there’s no other electronic item acceptable except communication and entertainment electrons
I been put in Bravo Company (Blue) and same with Lei Ying also
I lived at dorm I1 and choose the 1st bed place in the dorm
Dust is everywhere and really dirty
Clean it up all and stared arranging my thing to locker

God Bless Me!! Lei Ying was the same kem with me
There was no person I knew except Lei Ying accompany
On that day, we just liked twin going everywhere no matter where we went
Bathing, Sleeping, Eating, Line-up, even go to toilet also together
Feeling so strange at there and missed all my beloved so much
Just tried hard to learnt independent at there

The most made me felt not well at there was the stories of ghosts
They was so much stories to listen at there
Some saw ghosts, some heard weird sound and some tried to scared themselves just like me

I’m already have three times experience with Lei Ying and Samantha
We heard three times weird sound when we was just three people
But after back from Chinese New Year holidays, I already not scared at all
Maybe already be a usual things to me

My conclusion when I was in the kem was,
I am so happy and enjoyed at there.
I knew a lot of best friends came from other places,
And I learnt how to take care myself and also other peoples.
Other than that, I learnt independent and patriotic more

Thanks government choosing me to National Service
And sorry for before blame it on you because for my not willing to N.S

This was one of tepuk-tepuk that I learnt at kem
Tepuk-tepuk Terima Kasih
(Claps 2X) Terima Kasih,
(Claps 2X) Thank you,
(Claps 2X) Xie xie,
(Claps 2X) Nan-drie,
(Claps 2X) Sudrian,
(Claps 2X) Arigato-Haiz… ^^

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