Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mesra Ria (N.S Prom Night)

10th March 2011 – The night of the most excited to all trainees. It’s a prom night. Everybody dressed handsomely and beautifully at the night including me too but I didn’t make-up. Everybody damn busy with made themselves to be most pretty or handsome at the night. I wore a red colour baju kurung lend from my Malay friend. Many people said I’m really suitable with it. Maybe cause by my red colour hair. They was many performance at the night and I love the most was been show by Doomic a beatbox boy. His beatbox show really amazing and attract me. Love his show. Catherine and I running around photo with other friends. That night was the greatest nigh in PLKN. Sweet memory nia~

Good night, sleep tight~ ^^

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