Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kembara Berhalangan

25th February 2011 – Kembara Berhalangan can say was the most stimulation game ever that I played in National Service. How said? Erm~~ It was about a team and cooperation between a group. It was also related about a team marks. We played it so hard and also enjoyed the process even we felt in the water and become wet, injured and also dirty. Because of this game also made many girls and boys getting fever. Felt a little weak. Haha~ I’m played damn hard and at the last our team ‘Bravo’ wins the champion of this game. Our team was so happy and excited at that day. Miss that moment. ^^

This was the stage 1, Vault. We need to cross this first before to next stage. This was the easier between the other stages.

This was the 2nd stage, Shacky Bridge (not sure about the name). This bridge damn shaky when you cross it. Luckily nobody felt into it.

This is the 3rd stage, Swing Over Ditch. We called it Tarzan Swing. I love this part so much even I'm wet at the trail but I didn't get wet anymore on the next swing. 

This is the most difficult 4th stage, Monkey Rack. Every time I tried to pass this stage, I failed. Many girls can't cross this stage and also a few of boys. But many people loved this stage because this was the most challenges than others.

This was the 5th stage, (I'm really forgot the name). It easy only. Just cross it to next stage only.

The last stage I didn't snap it down because of some problem. The last stage was the dirtier part. The land was full of sand and we need to land down to cross it.

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