Friday, April 29, 2011

Ji Mui Dating♥

Today dating at Amelie’s house with Liana. Just three of us at the house with a doggy. After graduated, we haven’t meet each other anymore only connect with facebook. When I get Liana’s call yesterday, I had a little shilly-shally about it. But at the last, I’m agreed dated with Liana and Amelie.

Amelie and I, we been argued a lot of times before. We had a lot of without discrepancy of each other before. But, at the last we decided to put it down and let it go of the past. And actually liked nothing happened before. If you learn how to put it down, then you will realized that you mind actually free and relax.

There a quote said, “Time can change everything”. This really true. Time changed a lot of me. I become more mature in thinking and march eighth with my action. That all my friends comments me after I’m back from National Service. Ya! Is true. I not emotional in my thinking and actions anymore. I realized that a bit childish to myself before. Maybe I’m 18 years old now. Everything changed with my point of view.

Back to topic today, we had a lot of chit chat and play many silly things. Is quiet fun actually. We make ugly and funny face in front of webcam. Doggy is quiet speechless to us. Sorry to doggy because we always wake you up just of our ‘laugh’ power. Doggy starting has eye bag just because of us. Haha~ Kidding* Next time we go eat something delicious next time. Promise*~ O(_)O~

Playing Webcam


Look carefully!! Liana emotion almost same~~ Not! is the same actually. XD

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