Friday, April 22, 2011

Hang Out with my N.S friends

9th April 2011 – Hanged out with my NS friends at Midvalley Shopping Centre. Had a little excited before meet them but actually not liked what I expected. Oh my god!! Really boring! Not them, it was the MidValley Shopping Centre. There was nothing to brought, nothing to play and nothing to fun.

We just walked and walked with no target to go. But I happy meet them, Jie Kai, Jocelynn, Winnie, Samantha, Chui Theng and her friends, Wawa. We watch a movie call, 鬼也笑.  A horror and funny movie.  When watching this movie, Chui Theng, Wawa and I just scream when had horror parts. I don’t know why I scared, before I watched any horror movie I didn’t felt any scared at all. Maybe this cause by N.S life. Hehe~~ After watched movie, we had our tea-time at Kim Gary Restaurant.

After they left, Joeann came to MidValley to join me. Both of we just liked silly girl walked with no target too. Sorry to Joeann of boring her. We ate ice-cream and had a little chit chat then we went back home. Just that simple. Oh my GOD! Midvalley really boring nia~ I had to agree it.

Back to home, haven’t taking a bath also, my elder brother took me for dinner at outside with my second and youngest brother.  We go prison-breaks restaurant for our dinner and we just ate 3 plated of potatoes widgets. Wtf! Just potatoes widget as my dinner? Actually, we called only two plates of potatoes widget and a plate of chicken chop but the stupid waitress made mistake. Oh!! Just ignore it. After finished my dinner, we brought Mc Donald set to parents as their snacks.

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