Monday, April 25, 2011

Gathering (3 Bestari)

          Today is a great Sunday morning to all my family members!! All of we have our own activity to go~ Daddy and Mummy having their sweet date at Genting Highland with my aunt and uncle. My eldest and second brother has their own activity to do. And me!! Gathering with my ex-classmates form 3.  Actually just simple gathering. Only watching movie and have a little chit chat at Kepong Jusco.

          At the first, I think only four of us (Form 3 Crazy Buddies) but there a lot of other people join in too. Yulie, Shi Wen, Kelvin (my dummy little brother) and two boys that I did not know. Just let it go. More people more fun. This is the first time my little brother  joined me hang out with my friends. It feel a bit weird and annoying cause he is a troublesome boy.

         We planned to watch ‘倩女幽魄’ movie. But before we had a lot of trouble to fix it up first. My little brother and Shi Wen are not aged enough to watch this movie. So sorry to Yulie and Shi Wen for accompany my little brother watch other boring movie, ‘Rio’ at the last. I know my little brother was troublesome. By the way, thanks a lot to them.  

         After back from gathering, dinner time with my brothers at PizzaHut, Sri Damansara. After dinner, we go pasar malam at Maluri, Kepong for some snacks but there are no any foods seduce me. Looking for some new eyelashes but also fail. Hmm… Find at other places next time.

        Oh my god! My face turns worst now. I need some professional helps!!! Need slept earlier next time. It really hurts my skin face and eyebag starting to visit me. Please go away from me!! Going to masking my ugly face right now. Good night~ Have a sweet dreams~ ^^

Sorry to say, this picture is blur so I need blur my background for cover my friend blur face.

Joeann and me~ Oh, damn god!! Look at my chubby face. I want faint already.

Our tickets movie,  倩女幽魄
Yukie cute little short hand~ She always pround of it~ ^^

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