Thursday, April 21, 2011

M-16 Riffle

17th February 2011 - Wohoo! This was the first time I holding M-16 riffle. I'm damn excited and nervous at that day. We went to shoot at Kuala Kubu Bharu. We are given 20 point bullets to shoot. We began to depart at 8.00 am by bus to the there.
I brought a lot of junk food to there because I knew I had to wait my turn until a new long. As usual, we take a picture and joking. When my turn came, I went to shot stage and started to lean over floor. One of the army girl guided me how to holding M-16 riffle. Then, we waited for the commander to order to shoot a board.

When shooting started, I'm damn excited when I shoot the first bullet out. I focused the board carefully when shooting the second bullet. When finished shooting, we waited for the commander to commanded us to woke-up. I got 67/100 marks for my shooting score.  An average marks to me. Congratz to Ng Yong Leng, my buddy who got full marks for the shooting score. He already can become a skillful killer. Wakakaka ...

Before backed to camp, I try my best to steal a bullet out and successful to steal it out at the last. This made me damn nervous when I tried to hide my bullet back to camp. My heartbeat was running so fast that I never felt BEFORE.

I'm really brought it back to camp! Oh my god! What the holly shit that I'm trying to do. I’m just feel up-side down at the moment and I hide it at backyard of my dorm. I hope coach did not know what the hell I'm trying to do. God bless me, nobody knew that I'm hiding a bullet and tried to bring it back to home. But, at the last I did not brought it back to my home and I just threw to rubbish bin at camp on the day I'm graduated from NS Why? Because I'm Knew if I brought it back to home, there was many problems will not just only happened to me but also rates to my family too. So, I can’t bear this risk to myself and to my family. But I have captured the bullet picture as my memory ever.

This was I was practice to shooting and aim-ing.  ^^

In focusing, used 1000% eye power to concentrated.

The girl army was teach me how to am-ing and shooting correctly.

I'm Ready!!!

On the day that we waited for our turns.

We love Shooting~ ^^

Everyone was waiting..... till sleeping....

Winnie~ My dorm-mate. 

Acting ghost face. Don't shock. Haha~~ ^^

End my blog at here~ Tehhee~~ ^^

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