Friday, April 22, 2011

The Day of SPM Result

23th March 2011 – The day of my spm result out. I woke up at 7.30am morning to prepared having breakfast with my ex-classmates Form 5 Bestari, Yukie, Tommorow and Rupini at Mc Donald. We also planned for hang out after took the result. Everybody looked like relax only but actually we all feel at the time but we just acted nothing only.

 I just hoped my additional mathematic subjects didn’t failed only. This was my weakness and I not worried about other subjects. We went to school at 10.30am morning to took our spm result BUT holly shit!! I can’t go in to school because of my hair colour. Damn bullshit to the guard and the new law!! Because of this spm result I’m just recoloured my hair to more dark. I’m very mad about this.
Then I called my mum came to school to helped me took the result but when my mum arrived to school, the stupid stupid guard open the school gate and lets us (me and some people have hair colour) in. What the hell he doing!! He wasted my mum and my time. Damn bullshit!!
Okay, anything just let it go~ It was not the right time to get angry to him! Hurried up went in the school hall and took my spm result. When I was lined up to took my result, my heartbeat damn fast and nervous to know my result.

At the time my result is on my hand, the first subject I looked was Additional Mathematic. Oh my god! My Add.Math got C~ Oh, god bless me~ That was the first time I get C mark in Additional Mathematic. I was so happy because my add.math subject never passed before.  My spm result is good but not too good because my Additional Mathematic, Ekonomi Asas and Prinsip Perakaunan get C marks.  
After got my spm result, we hang out to Time Square Shopping Centre and I brought a lot of goods. I had a long time didn’t be a shopaholic. The feeling was come back at that time. Was a great day~ ^^

This was my spm result and my documents~ I end my high-school life~ Wee~~
Everybody was waiting to took spm result.~

My lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant, Time Square. I love chicken wings and mango ice.

Piss. Hang out with my buddy. ^^

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  1. Hello. Just curious. before this, in your normal school exams (trial/midyear/form 4 end year), whats your usual Prinsip Akaun mark? Want to know, cause my account is quite weak. Scared i might not pass