Friday, April 29, 2011

Actually what mean LOVE?

                 Recent, don’t know why? I always moody when night no star and moonlight on the sky accompany me. Felt boring at home every day liked a useless person. Moody for hang out with my buddies. Moody for everything at night. Promise to myself that I need to slept earlier everyday but I’m insomnia.  Oh!! Bullshit thing!! Nothing to do was not fun at all. Feeling like no target and no life meaning at all. I’m like my life always busy and tired, this make my life more meaningful at least I have my target to go.
My sweety babe, Jolin was broke up with her boyfriend. She was so upset and cried. She really loved her boyfriend so much. Sorry to my sweety babe because I’m can’t help her at all. I’m just only can be your good listener and comforter. Strong it up, my babe. You can find another better guy who can really give you happiness. Maybe your heart really pain now, but times can washed away your pain and heal you. Cheer up my babe. I always ready to be your listener and comforter everytime when you need me.

Actually what mean LOVE?
Love, is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.
Love, teaches how respect and care.
Love, has power to believe in your abilities.
Love, can as delicious as honey or bitter as poison. It is up to your heart desire.
Love, is not a trade. Just love and not expect to be loved.
Love, makes a man the most beautiful person of the world.
Love, made you been appreciated every moment where you are.

What you all think about love? Love can be separate to many types. Love from families, lovers and also friends. We can find our happiness no matter you a single person or a couple. Because no matter which you are, you have the valued to be love by other.  

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