Monday, March 21, 2011

Universal Studio, Singapore

My pica♥ at my aunt house, Johor Bharu.
Wearing National Service Volleyball Jersy

It’s was already a long time I didn’t blogging because I was in National Service
I miss my bloggie damn a lot (3)

13th March 2011, the day I graduated from National Service
At the first, I planned went to Education Fair at MidValley with my friends
But, when my parents came fetched me…
I said to my parents that I want hang out with my friends later
My parents said to me that when I was arrived home…
 I need to packaged “again” my clothes and travel to Singapore
Oh my god~~ Damn happy when heard this news…
I love my family

Daddy knew that I wish went to Education Fair at MidValley
So, he brought me to there before we travelled to Singapore
Daddy and Mummy really love me

Catalouges that I took at Education Fair, MidValley.
Prefer three collages, TarC, Lim Kok Wing and Raffles. 

Confuses on choosing collage!!

We reached Johor Bharu about 6 something
We invited by my aunt and we slept at her house
Damn relax at my aunt house
We played basketball, bike ride, chatting together at night at basketball court
I teach my dummy brother how to ride a bike but he too stupid so I failed my responsibility
At my aunt house, Johor Bharu

Playing basketball, ride bike and chatting together at basketball court at night
Damn relaxing~~

Teach my dummy brother to ride a bike...
I just have no comment to him already...

The next day, is the time to play now!!
Wuhoo!! I excited with my travel…
I awaked about 7 something and make-up waiting my family woke up
Maybe it already my habit when I was in National Service. Hahax…

Awake too early, nothing to do.
Snap a pica♥ to myself first~. O(∩_∩)O~

Going for little exercises first before went to Singapore
Basketball, Bicycle and Camwhore♥

Breakfast for myself. PanMee Soup and a glass of Cincau Soya. Yummy♥

After back from breakfast, back to aunt house start preparing to Singapore.
Change my lens colour, gray colour lens. ♥

Arrived to Singapore le~~
The first station we travelled was the new open Marina Bay Sands
We heard that was a popular new open skypark at there
They was so grand and all just nameplate on sold only
Daddy and Mummy went to their new casino and four of us (me and my siblings) shopping around there
We decided went to Skypark for a cup of coffee

Marina Bay Sands~~ Damn relaxing♥

Upper there is SkyPark♥. Ready to go there! O(∩_∩)O~

I love♥ this pond so much! Thier design really amazing~~

My second brother, while we in the lift to skypark~~

On the top of the view of skypark, damn relax view~~ ^^

Played swimming pool, hope to play also but I didn't brought my swimming suit... Hahaxx..

After Marina Bay Sands, our next station is Resort World and Sentosa
Resort World was just my favourite once I stepped my leg landed on there
Again my daddy and mummy went to Resort World new Casino
Oh my god!! When my parents became gambler??
Who knows??

My lunch at Ru Yi Restaurant, Resort World.
Pokka Lemon Tea with Ru Rou Fan.
While my parents was on gambling,
I with my siblings to Universal Studio
Universal Studio was so amazing and their design using universal theme
Their plans really creative
I’m really enjoyed my travel after N.S life~~ ^^
Thanks daddy and mummy planning this to me (3)

Universal Studio, Singapore.

Mummy with my brothers.

This drink damn expensive. Need Rm30++ to brought it.

My lovely dessert, strawberry ice-cream.

My dinner at Bread Talk, Resort World.

I enjoy my travell so much.

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