Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2011 CNY Eve

Today have a little bit special~~
ERm~~ How said….
Actually I always back to my kampong, Pahang on New Year’s 29th
But I back to my kampong today night
Because my eldest brother work until today
And I still shopping for my Chinese New Year preparation
No idea… I just from National Service ma… Hehe…
Really happy back to my sweet warm homee

This is the first time I slept late
Before, always need wake up 5.00am morning for association at PLKN
Really comfort slept with my own bed
I really appreciated every moment at my homee
Wake up 9.00am open my lovely laptop and desktop
Blogging, Stack my file program, Played with my little brother, Facebook, Twitter, Sina
Waiting for my parents back and eat breakfast

About 12.00pm noon, my parents call me and second brother go to booked car
Arrive at car shop, at the last my parents choose Proton, Persona for my second brother
Back to Damansara Damai, straight went to Yukie house for giving back money balance to Yulie
And damn missed Yukie Babe
When I reach there, I damn surprising saw her
Why? Because our hair color almost same
But my one more prefer brighter and clearly seen

Many friends said me that I pinched already
But just Kah Heo and Mook said that I tallow liao >.<
After Chinese New Year back to National Service, KKB
swear at here want diet already
Same to my babe, Liana too
So, we will keep hardly reach our target…. Yo!! Yo!!

Start preparing back to my hometown, Pahang
But, before my family and I need fill my pity stomach first
At first we prefer ‘Chui Hua Lou’ but there’s no place for us
So, at the last we decided went to ‘Nelson Tan Japanese Buffet’ for our last choice
N.T.J.B really nice situation but I more hope can eat abalone as my Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner
After eating, we starting our journey back to our hometown, Pahang

Nelson Tan Japanese Buffet accompany us as a Chinese New Year's Eve dinner.

On the journey back to hometown, daddy gave us a big Angpao
Yahoo!! Median is increase already
Angpao became bigger more
Damn happy when get this angpao from daddy
Thank you, daddy~~ ^^

Arrive at hometown about 10 o’clock something
Put my luggage down
And I knew that I didn’t bring my Nike Sport Shoes back
Oh Shit!! I didn’t bring slipper and just only high heel accompany me
Damn bother when visit if wearing high heel
My feeling suffer already
But my moody change to happy after 2 seconds… Haha

Mummy called us to new temple for a reverence
The temple was damn nice build and design
Pray and capture already
Back to hometown homee playing fireworks and poker
That’s the end story of my Chinese New Year’s eve

Happy Chinese  Year

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