Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hair Color That I Want

I got this inspiration is from a fashion magazine~~
When I read this magazine, I see Rainie Yang hairstyle made me keep in heart~~
I felt in love in her hair style~~
Nice and a little punk but not too over~~
So I decided want have this hairstyle~~ Just only maybe la~~
Because at the last decision depend on my hair styler~~
But I will prefer this more first~~
Just 8 more days to go~~
After this, you can see me already change to another person~~
And I waiting for that day~~
Excited!! Wee wee~~ o(≧v≦)o~~

Rainie Yang~~ I want her highlight color~~
Golden plus Black plus Brown~~
Nice style~~ ❤❤

I brought this~~ Beauteen~~ I saw this so hot recommend by Popteen Magazine~~
So, I decided try this products~~

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