Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Midvalley Trip with my classmates (2010)

03th December 2010 , class 5B March-Eight girl was going to Midvalley played~~
We wanted find something to releases our exam stress~~
So, Rupini, Yukie, Mey and I go to Midvalley for watch some movie as a tool for releases stress~~
We had a long time didn’t hang out together like this~~
When we reach form 5, we busy for our own studies and things~~
We already didn’t have good time communicate each other especially Rupini~~
She always busy about her tuition~~
Sui po la de~~ Hehe~~

Let’s back to topic~~
We arrive there about 2.30pm like that~~
At first, we decided wanted watch movie but there a lot of situation made us can’t watch movie~~
Haven’t reach 18 years old or time too late~~
Aiyaya~~ Pik cik liao~~

At the last we went for bowling~~
Wohoo!! Bowling is the right decision that we made~~
The bowling center just like a disco~~
Spotlight lighting everywhere with some rock music~~
Very already felt high~~ Haha~~
Actually I hated playing bowling because every time I played my nail will collapse once~~
Oh shit!! This time still the same~~
My lovely nail collapse again~~
But I still felt very high at there~~
We crazy dance and made fool motion at there~~
Haha~~ How silly we are~~ Hehehe~~

At bowling scene, Yukie, Mey and Rupini~ ❤❤

After playing bowling, we shopping and incidentally searching for job~~
Actually searching for job is not my business because I need go to PLKN~~
No!! PLKN!! I don’t want go there~~ Sad!!

Mey played a fortune-telling machine~~
I sponsored her RM1 to know what was her fortune life~~
And the result really surprised me~~
Wahaha~~ Cute Mey~~ 

Did you see 'Attention' that i mark in the picture?
Ya~ This made me so surprised~
Ooo... ooo... Actually Mey is that kind of people~~ Haha~~ Kidding~~

We reach to a shop, “女人我最大” and we go in~~
They give us a voucher worth RM29.90 for exchanging their limited item~~
We already asking twice whether need buy thing for exchange it~~
But the worker say not, so we straight exchanging item that we want~~
Rupini, Yukie and I exchange a bb cream while Mey exchange eye care~~
But the worker seem has a little pik cik about it~~
So what!! You called us exchange de so we exchange lo~~

Yaya~~ I exchange this BB cream with RM29.90 coupon~~
But I not really trust this BB cream has this worth value~~
Never mind, I got it just for free~~ Hehe~~

We take many picture and we played a stupid game~~
We lat lat li dam pong and who is the odd then is the loser~~
The punishment is acting like a model at a shop~~
OH my God!!! I lose already~~
I need act like a model in front of many people~~
Oh shame~~~ #.#

See this stupid girl!! Guess who??
That me lol~~
I lose in the game so I need modeling in front of many people~~
Oh!! Shame!! But I enjoy it~~ XDXD

This is Midvalley decoration~~
That was many huge bear bear at there~~
So big and comfort~~ I hope I can bring some back to home~~

Bear bear is everywhere~~ Big big bear bear~~ ❤❤

I love this Joker~~ Seem like funny and cute~~
But this joker always appear in Ghost story~~ Wahaha~~ XDXD

This is the biggest bear in this shopping center~~
Excuse me sir, can I bring it back home? XDXD

Toy sir, thank you for let me snapping you~~
You cute and charming~~ XDXD

Bear bear in the big box~~
Hmm~~ called you lazy b ba~~ XD

I love this carousel very much~~
This is one of my favourite decoration at there~~ ❤❤

Bear bear was wearing Christmas costume~~
They ready celebrated Christmas with me~~ XD ❤

A big yummy donut at Dunkin Donut~
I snap it when there applied job at Dunkin Donut~~
Big yummy donut pare with a cute donut boy~~ XD

After capture picture, shopping and playing~~
We start finding for job~~
Ermm~~~ Actually are they not me~~ T.T Damn sad~~
They applied PDI, Spade, Colours, Miss Whatever, Dunkin Donut and more~~
Oh my god~~ There a lot of cute guys inside there~~
PDI handsome guy, donut cute boy, gift shop leng zaii tomboy, SUB guys~~
Oh my god!! We starting crazy when saw them~~
Having dinner at PizzaHut and we back to LRT on 8.30pm~~

At first, the LRT is full of peoples and we can’t go in~~
So we waited for other LRT~~
We criticize the opposite side of LRT line and said, “Why the opposite LRT is more faster than this side de”.
We waited about 30 minutes and the second LRT is coming~~
We rush in and being nip each other~~
There no place for us to move~~
We bless god that at the last we can in the LRT~~
Bless god!!

Then, suddenly Rupini said, “Seputeh?? Not KL Sentral meh?”
At that time, we know that we wrong!!
We take the wrong side LRT!!
OH my god!! When I know this, I scream very loudly and said, “Out, Out, Out!! We wrong already.”
We rush out very quickly and laugh to each other why we so silly about it~~
But it is a very fun experience~~
I sure there a lot of people laughing at us~~
Oh my god!! How shame we are~~
But we still enjoy at that moment~~

Seputeh station didn’t have any people and just only four of us~~
We sitting at there and keep laughing each other~~
We wait about 45 minutes then just a LRT arrive at there~~
Time is pointing 10.05pm~~
Oh my god!! How late we are~~
We all fear being condemn by our parents~~
We arrive at Kepong Sentral about 10.30pm~~
Stupid Mey lost her ticket and need pay more RM1.60 for it~~
And the next day, I found her ticket just on beside her bag only~~ =.=
What a silent and funny situation are~~ Haha~~

We at Seputeh station waiting for the right  LRT train coming~~
Nobody at there and only just four of us~ T.T

While we waiting for next train, we bored and we snap it~
Our friendship symbol~~ Wakaka~~ XD ❤

This is Mey ticket~~ I found it the next day tuition with Mey~
I found this ticket at her bag~ =.=
Yesterday she just said she can't find her ticket and need pay RM1.60 again to the guard~
Her act is funny and made me silent many time~ XDXD

Conclusion, we arrive at home about 11 o’clock~~
And I not being condemn by my mama and papa~~
Mama still smile at me and tell me many thing that she wanted share with me~~
Haha~~ Blessedness and happy day~~ ^^ 

I get this when I buy skin care at The Face Shop~
Lovely Kim Hyun Joong want come to Malaysia on 04th December 2010~
Very pik cik can't go see him~~ What a wasted chance~~

Capture with Mey~~ I ❤ this photo very much~ ^^

Rupini, Mey and me~~ But this photo really blur and just only me clear seen~
I like this photo lar~~ Pik Cik!!

Me and Rupini, I think this will should be the last time we captured together~~
After this, we all have our own way to go~~
Miss you guys~~ ❤❤

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