Tuesday, December 14, 2010

List need to PLKN

Aiyor~~ Headache when thinking about PLKN~~
I really don’t want go there~~
Why me?? Why me kena de??
Hai~~~ Now what can do is just accept it~~
There no idea more to me releases this mission~~
Freaking shit lol!!!
Hmmm….  I thinking what should I bring to PLKN~~
So, I list it down on my blog for easy work~~
Let see…

  1. Shampoo (Tsubaki, L’oreal)
  2. Conditioner (Tsubaki, L’oreal)
  3. Hair lotion (Lucido-L)
  4. Hair vitamin (Ellips)
  5. Hair moist ( Lucido-L)

  1. Cleanser (The Face Shop)
  2. Toner (The Face Shop)
  3. Hydro Fluid (The Face Shop)
  4. Sun Cream SPF35 PA++ (The Face Shop)
  5. Blemish Blam BB cream (The Face Shop)
  6. Moisturizing Cream (The Face Shop)
  7. Blemish Concealer (Pasha)
  8. Masks (My dairy, The Face Shop, Kose Japan)
  9. Nose Mud (Yubiki Japan)

  1. Lip mask (Lady Map)
  2. Lip Balm (Mentholatum)

  1. Body Wash (Lifebouy)
  2. Body Lotion (Vaseline Healthy White)
  3. Body Spa (Ginvera Green Tea)
  4. Wax strips (Veet)
  5. Hair Removal Cream (Veet)

Hand & Nail
  1. Base Coat (Elianto)
  2. Top Coat (Elianto)
  3. UV Coat (Elianto)
  4. Lemon Hand Cream (The Face Shop)
  5. Hand and Nail Cream (Vaseline)

  1. Clotheshorses (10X)
  2. Toothbrushes
  3. Toothpaste (Colgate)
  4. Pajamas
  5. Slipper
  6. Towel (Body, Face, Hair)
  7. Locker
  8. Fan (Important)
  9. Clothes (Depend)
  10. Underwear (Depend)
  11. Pad

  1. Monopoly
  2. MP3
  3. Handphone (SE W705)
  4. Chess
  5. Comics
  6. Magazine

( I heard from senior that some of kem can bring some entertainment inside. I hope my kem also can. Please please please!!)

-Make new friends and learn more things at there.

-Weather please not too hot.
-Water not too dirty.
-No weirdo.
-No ghost.

I hope I can enjoy at PLKN (guess so). Hope will be fun and enjoyable moment.

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