Saturday, November 13, 2010

SPM Examination is Coming!!

SPM Examination is Coming!!

SPM examination is coming on 23 November 2010.
I feel very scare and I didn't on a heart preparation at all.
I feel very very worry about it.
Oh gosh!!
Shit Feeling now.
Today is 13 November, from now just left 10 more days to go.
I scared my History subject.
A lot of things need to memory.
I begging to God please let the time goes slowly and slowly.
I already wasted many time.
Recently, many things was happened.
Its make me starting crazy.
Especially LOVE!!
I hate to think this.
But it non-stop rounding me.
When I need somebody to love there;s no one.
But when I hope no want bother me, there's a lot of rounding me.
This call God likes to fool people!
I starting feeling sick.
I scare I will sick on the day of the examination.
That what I really worry about.
The other I don't care anymore and not going to bother anymore.
Now in my life, I'm just welcome my sisters step in my life.
To whose guys please stay AWAY!!
I'm begging you, guys.
Anything let me end my examination first.
I'm promise you all after examination I will seriously think about it.
Kay!! Thanks alot..
It really tired when a lot of things rush to me.
Sometime  lost in this world named Earth maybe is a good thing.
No worry, no wondering and no such silly thing anymore.

Other things need to share it out.
See it??
My blogger changing again.
It really take my time to refresh my blogger.
Everything news no matter widgets, layouts or tabs.
I love you all too~~ ^^
Keep in touch with following my blogger yea!! Love you~~ ^^


  1. hey yo, ur facebook friend here. good luck in ur spm. u still young so dont need keep thinking about love. yah that day u ask me how to focus in ur subject, actually there is a way. write a word on a paper and stick on ur wall. the word call study. so good luck la. cheer up. and just do ur best no one will blame u if u did ur best. i will mental support u.