Sunday, November 14, 2010

Photography me ❤ ❤

 KaChack!! Let's me be the photography girl!! ❤~

Haha~~ I be the photograhy girl~
I love capture myself,  friends, nature, families and also such silly things that I thought worth.
Sound like pro in shooting but actually I'm idiot.
I not really know how to shoot a nice picture.
I really interested in photography but if  I choose this course as my major.....
My families especially papa and mama will against me.
They thought photography and drawing will be good for nothing.
So, I respect their decision.
I give up on this two course that I will choose on May 2011 soon.
Maybe you will advise me that don't give up on my interested...
Firstly, thanks for your advise...
I want to let you know that I will never give up to my own interested no matter my parents against me or somethings else...
I choose to give up photography because i know this not my real favorite...
Photography is fun but my real interested is designer...
I would like to be designer and this is my future life...
I already make a strong decision...
I know which the best for me...
So, I decide take characters design and fashion design as my major courses..
I lost my interested before so now I won't let it become blur again..
Wish me have a good decision and successful in my future life..
I hope this will be a part of my colorful rainbow..
Thanks. ^^


  1. hey is good that u have a clear vision on wat u wan. good luck in ur course. so shine and fly high in ur course.

  2. Hehe~~ Actually I still have a little blur~~ I'm scared choose wrong course and cause my future will regret~~ Anyway thanks for your comment~~ ^^