Saturday, November 27, 2010


Haha~~ It was amazing feeling~~
I'm already have one week didn't open my computer~~
Can you imagine it??
A girl can't live without online world now can stop online-ing in a week~~
It is super hard for this girl~~
But now the girl just make it~~
Haha~~ Good feel now~~

Yesterday, my brother was sick~~
But he need go for work~~
Damn worry to him la~~
I seriously shock when he wake up earlier morning and slept in sofa laying at there scream cold~~
But he nows feel better already~~
Hope he can get well soon~~

So, now to my examination topic~~
Oh my god!! My history subject made a big big mistake~~
My score A is flying away~~
So sad when you found there a careless mistake happen~~
I'm getting crazy when i found it~~
So suck lol!!!

But never mind, my mummy buy a candy yummy for me~~
I love this so so much~~
My mummy love me always~~
I love her so much~~
Opppss~~ Daddy is jealous-ing~~ ^^
I love you too, daddy~~
I love you all in a conclusion~~ Haha~~ ^^

This candy is really really yummy~~ The process of making candy really impressed me~~
I hope I can learn it also~~ ^^
Want know about this candy??
Go to
(Help promote) ^^

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