Monday, November 22, 2010

30 hours left form now o(>﹏<)o

Now is the second days before SPM, ooopppsss wrong~~
Is the day before SPM examination~~
Looking at my clock wall pointing at 12.53am~~
Still left about 30 hours from the day of examination~~
Huh!! Damn wonder about my exam~~
I scare I can't do well on that day especially on Thursday (History paper exam)~~
Everything come with a lot of pleasantly surprised~~
But I know how much I wondering~~
Time still goes~~ 
So, I need to catch up the time and keep hardworking on my subjects~~
Huh!! Wish me luck on my exam~~
Luck too to whose exam SPM, STPM and pre-exam~~
Good Luck!!
Hope we can build our own rainbow without no regrets~~ 

My dream!! Newyork and Paris!! I want build my rainbow at there~~ Wish me~~ ^^

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