Wednesday, July 7, 2010

N0T Agr3E~~

Actually i not agree at all~~
Not even me~~
All people almost same with me~~
All people say actually is our team be champion~~
Whatever~~ I already bearish to who judge on us~~
Not professional but acting like ya i know all like that~~
Dancing is not a comedy~~
This is first basic dancing law~~
Everybody think because the judges like to see the "4 girls"~~
And which team make her laughing the most~~
I just say it just now~~
Dancing must be pro and skillful when you are performance~~
This not a drama~~
Drama need comedy BUT not in a dance~~
That what teacher teach me the basic~~
This make me can't agree at all~~
AT first i really gratz at them~~
But when the judges asking them to show their performance again~~
AND she can't give us a reason WHY need performance again~~
This make all people starting feeling not fair~~
Like giving a reason to herself for add additional marks for them~~
After the result, all people come to me and say why not your team be champion~~
MAKE me feel more not satisfied~~
I know my team is not the better 1 ~~
BUT i sure my team dance is more nicely than anyone of them~~
That is all people agree better than the champion group~~
OH Gosh~~
Really tired of all of this~~
Recent, i have a lot of pressure~~
I don't know why~~
I hope i think too much already~~
BUT anything is true~~
This make me more pressure~~
I hope i can end my school life time faster~~
I hate this school~~
And actually i not really like my classmate also~~
So, I think when I end my secondary school maybe i will try won't contact with them anymore~~
Feeling suck now~~

Today i'm really moody~~
Is raining all day long~~
I feel my feeling almost same~~
And i dispute with mama~~
Make me feel more moody~~
I really want cry~~
Maybe cry can reduce my stress~~
BUt i won't make me cry~~
Just few more months than can don't saw them anymore~~
I will try to spartan last longer~~

Recent, i started feel nobody can understanding me~~
I hope all people can understand me~~
Even from my family and my school friends~~
That why i more like with my outside friends more than my school friend~~
I feel very fake between us~~
They always think their always not wrong~~
That why have a proverb say, "见人讲人话,见鬼讲鬼话"~~
I understand already~~

This is what i wear when i dance~~
I start feeling why Y & H hate her already~~
Coz i can't feel any professional at her already~~
Selfish, self-centeredness, stubborn~~
Oh Gosh~~
This prove my school have no one is nicer anymore~~

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