Friday, January 13, 2017

[Skincare] Pore Perfection Range from PINK by Pure Beauty

Hello, loves❤

Recently attended an event about a new skincare line from PINK by Pure Beauty. They came out with a new skincare range calls Pore Perfection Range where targeted in pore purifying and skin refining for young women. Pores are one of the most common problems especially youngsters who will get oilier face & clogged pores due to the high metabolism but it's okay because it's happened to every single person even myself.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

[Makeup] Disney x TheFaceShop Cushion Collection | Mickey, Winnie & the Mike

When you look at the picture above, I believe you might saying, "Omo! This is so cute!" or this picture attracted you well because of the colorful combination and the DISNEY FACE on the cushion. Maybe you're Ninja Turtle's team but who doesn't watch Disney when they're small? I have not considered a Disney fan but unless I do!

Anyway, this is the limited edition Disney x THEFACESHOP Cushion Collection. THEFACESHOP had made the best decision on this collaboration coming out with 3 different types of cushions (1 BB cushion & 2 CC Cushions) with new formula as well. Each of them comes with one Disney character to representing the cushions. Below is the simple summary for your better understanding.
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Friday, December 9, 2016

[Makeup] THEFACESHOP Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder, Designing Browcara, Flash Pink Powder Beam, Ink Gel Stick

Annyeonghaseyo❤ Welcome back to my blog 😇

Is all about K-Beauty today! Today I am going to share with you my review and swatched from the cosmetics that I have received recently by THEFACESHOP. They have added in latest makeup which are the Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder, Designing Browcara, Flash Pink Powder Beam and Ink Gel Stick. I am so obssesed with their Ink Gel Stick which is the boom💥. It is so moisturing and glides on the lips so smoothly just like butter. Of course, the other makeups were superb as well. So keep scrolling down to keep reading. :)
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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

[Makeup] Althea Year-End Party Box | The Most Worth-it Beauty Box - All Full Sized Products!

Hola! Welcome back to my blog💕 So this is an exciting post because I am so happy with my recent purchase from Althea. This is not my first time sharing my Althea's haul (read my previous haul here) but I could say this time is the most satisfying one hehe.

Althea offers many beauty boxes in different themes like All About Eyes Box, SuperFood Box, Cute Box and more. Recently they came out with this Year-End Party Box which is the theme of full face makeup in a box. The reason why I said this is the most worth-it beauty box because has 8 items inside the box and all of them are in full-sized! Yes! Is in full sized and each item is the well-known brand in Korea.
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Sunday, December 4, 2016

[Event] TheFaceShop Flagship Store Reopening @ Pavillion KL

Hola~ It's been awhile since my last update. I apologize for the lack of update here but I will try my best to keep update because I have many stories to share with you. Hope you guys still sticking around with me *if yes, hug!*

Anyway, just some quick update about some of my life happening recently. If you guys following my Instagram (@thechency) then you must know that I am a fan of THEFACESHOP. Not going to lie, many of the products that I am using were actually press sample but I am still buying many of them because they're worth with quality in my opinion.
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Monday, November 21, 2016

[Travel] Seven Most Famous Characteristics Old Streets Around The World

Many cities are modernized with more and more high-rise buildings erected but many traditional and nostalgic old streets gradually attracted the attention of tourists. According to the survey we listed 7 of the world’s favorite characteristics old street markets, let’s have a journey into these old streets!

Wakura Onsen, Japan – A thousand year old hot spring district

Wakura Town in Ishikawa County is unlike many other cities around Japan, it is a hot spring surrounded by ocean and still kept its very original feeling. There are wide range of warm spa (Yui-ru spa) around town, and there is a famous “Seven Lucky God Temple”, be sure you drop by this temple when visiting Wakura.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

[Travel] Vietjet Brings Fun to the Skies | Unearthing Vietnamese Treasure

There are many reasons why Vietnam has been one of the favorite tourist destinations in Asia for so many years. A country filled with breathtaking natural beauty, unique heritage, rich history and mouth-watering cuisine, Vietnam has much to offer any tourist who decides to visit her. Here, we highlight three must-see destinations in Vietnam:
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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Makeup Haul from TheFaceShop

I love shopping especially beauty items. Eventho you already owned alot like you can open a shop but still going to stock up no matter what! #girlsproblem lol  If you've keep reading my blog and following my social media then you already know how I love this brand, THEFACESHOP. Although some of the product was sent by PR (not going to lie) but I still actually buy their stuff because the quality is really good and made by natural ingredients.

This blogpost is just a short update on my quick shopping haul that I purchased from THEFACESHOP.

TFS Real Nature Mask Sheets (Ginseng, Lingzhi, Peony)
My go-to mask sheet for vacation or daily use. I love the infused Korean Traditional herbs which are well known for antioxidant and anti-aging which makes my skin feel so moisturized and supple after using.

TFS Concealer Liquid Veil (#V201)
One of their famous product. Creamy consistency blends well into the skin without feeling dry and has pretty good decent sebum control for my opinion. The texture is rather thick so a little goes such a long way or else it might look heavy or cakey on the face. High coverage.

TFS Gel Set Smudge Proof  Auto Liner (#01 Black)
This is their best seller product. This is an amazing gel liner yet so affordable. It is so creamy and easy to glide on without transferring onto the eyelid. Smudge-proof, waterproof and sebum control gel liner. Recommend to the oily eyelid.

TFS Gel Set Smudge Proof Color Pencil (#GR 01 Apple Some)
Bought this color pencil but I am addicted to the mint liner. The texture and consistency are exactly like their famous Gel Set Smudge Proof Auto Liner ↑. The color is pigmented and not flaky. 

TFS Single Shadow Matt (#BR02, #RD01, # PK02)
Bought three single eyeshadow and all of them are the matte finish. BR02 is a beautiful natural brown perfect for eye and nose contour. The color is not too reddish and ashy create a natural contour finish. RD01 is a beautiful red-pink with the plum undertone. It is not exactly the color like you see in the picture but yet still a pretty red shade. PK02 is a coral pink with blue undertone color.

TFS Melting Color Lip Cream (#02)
I could say this is a combo of tinted lip balm and moisturizing lipstick. It is so hydrating and moisturizing like a lip balm but has a great pigmentation like a lipstick. The texture is like melting right when the lip cream touches your lips, very very creamy but not too slippery in my opinion. Recommend for chapped and dry lips. 

TFS Ink Lipquid (OR01)
My favorite lips product from TFS. It has such beautiful vivid and vibrant color and super long lasting without feeling drying or cracking your lips. The concept is pretty much like the liquid lipstick but not in the matte finish, it is in shine glossy (not sticky) finish. The only downside the fragrance is too overpowering for me and it's keep staying on your lips which drive me kinda mad. But still, major love this product!

TFS Natural Sun Eco Ice Air Puff Sun SPF50 PA+++
An interesting sunscreen! This sunscreen is perfect for summer especially beach vacation because it has great cooling sensation which can help to calm down and soothes the skin. It has a high SPF50 PA+++ as well.

TFS Gold Highlighter Beam
Bought this product because of my summer vacation. I want to looks like the Sun of goddess with nice bronze and highlighted skin. It is easy to blend without stripe your foundation and stay power is amazing too. It does not give you a highlighted look but a nice glow effect on the skin.

TFS Designing Eyebrow Pencil (#02 Gray Brown)
I have no idea how many TFS Designing Eyebrow Pencil I have used and yet still my favorite until now. The price is super affordable and the quality is great. It is pigmented and glide on smoothly on the brow and the triangle head's design curved the shape easily. Love this product!

The lips was TFS Ink Lipquid in shade #OR01. Such a pretty and vibrant color! ♥

Eye looks was created using TFS Single Shadow in shade BR02 & RD01 & Aritaum Mono eyes #No.70.


Hope you enjoy reading this haul post.
Will see you on my next post.
Love you, Bye!


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Friday, October 28, 2016

How I Control my diet & Lose Belly Fat while Travelling

I love traveling❤ It's much better to see something once than hear about it in thousand times. My way to determine if a place is worth of visit is the culture, scenery, and food. When there have good foods, then a big probability I will visit again and again lol. And that is the reason why I always gained weight after traveling. *sob* Also, I am not sure does this happen to every frequent flier, as I always feel so worn-out after a flight every time. That kind of feeling like extremely fatigue, kinda dehydrated that give me a feeling of being out of breath. I don’t really know the causes, but I suspect this is probably due to the cabin condition plus toxins build-up in my body (as you know I can’t resist good food :P).
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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

[Skincare] Top 3 Cream from TheFaceShop

From left to right :
- Chia Seed Moisture Recharge Cream
- White Seed Blanclouding White Moisture Cream
The Therapy Moisture Blending Cream

Hola❤~ If you're my friend on my Instagram, then you might already know that I have shared my short thought about this 3 cream by THEFACESHOP. And now I think I have qualified enough to share my final thought after trying these cream for about one and half months usage. By the way, special shoutout to my mummy as well who willing to be one of my lab rats hehe.
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